Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's the Opposite of Green?

On Easter weekend of this year, my house was flourishing with greenery and I thought myself quite the Green Thumb. You may remember these pictures of me planting my very first vegetable garden, something I have always wanted to do and I was so proud of my initiative and ability to produce my own food :

I watched eagerly as the days and weeks passed, and I was so excited to pick my very first cherry tomato! I admit, surprisingly it didn't taste very good, but I was so excited I didn't let that ruin my special day. I continued to watch and fertilise and water my little patch and with glee; I saw my corn grow taller and taller and my herbs spread, and grow leafy. How delightful!

At the same time I purchased a gorgeous palm, one I had been wanting for a long time. I love greenery inside my home and I was very excited about this purchase and I placed it in the preselected corner picked months in advance. It looked great, and once again I dedicated myself to fertilising, trimming, and taking out for sun now and again. Although I didn't take a photo I noticed it in the background of a family pic we took in for April conference, around the time I got it. Here is a pic of my glorious palm in the background:

So full, so leafy, so tall, so green. I loved my palm.
So why am I so upset? Well, for a couple of reasons... the first being that my know-it-all husband was once again right.... I am a plant killer. And second because this fact is so disappointing because I really, really tried!

It has been six months, and this is now what is in my backyard...

They didnt' even sprout corn! I watched them grow, I saw the little kernel things sprout up and I waited and waited for the fluffy parts to turn to corn... but nothing! Nothing! I used little sticks to hold the tall stems up so it wouldn't fall over, I watered the tomatoes, I trimmed the herbs, I repotted the Rosemary. But to no avail. They all refused to flourish. Oh, and don't get me started on the Baby Ccarrots; they are STILL stubborn fetuses! 

Needless to say, my quite expensive vegetable garden has now turned into a dirt-pit for the girls to play in. When I knew it was literally a dead cause I thought we may as well get some use out of the money I spend putting it all together. The mess they make really does not make up for the price I paid at all, by the way...

But what about the beautiful, palm? Well, despite my best efforts to keep it looking full and green, over the months it somehow got smaller and more frail... At times it would look great and then at others I guess it just wasn't in the mood to look fabulous... Needless to say, just yesterday I looked over and noticed its leaves were a little dried. This was weird, because there was definitely enough water in the pot. Too much? I emptied some... Maybe it needed some sun. I took it out the front and sat it out overnight to get some fresh air. The morning sun would be the perfect medicine! When I woke this morning I was excited to see the sun shining brightly and I even thought about my plant and the good things in store for it today. I would bring this plant back to good health - I'd show Juan that I WASN'T a plant killer!

Suddenly at 9am the weather turned bad. "My palm!" I cried, and ran to the front door. I was too late:

The rain was too strong, and her stem was just too weak... What more could I have done for my beautiful palm?

I sit here now with a hollow heart. Probably not as hollow as my palm's stem, but still hollow non-the-less. But worse than all this, I now have the dilemma of deciding what to do with it... I was so determined to prove Juan wrong, to prove to him that I am not a fish and plant killer (despite only having 2 fish left out of 7 in six months, but that's another post...). What do I do? Do I hide the plant and he might not notice it missing? Do I just put the empty pot back and hope he doesn't notice? Oh, wait! I have an idea... Maybe I will just put the plant back in the corner and tonight I'll dramatically exclaim, "Oh no, My palm! What happened? It must have been the little careless baby! What a shame..." Hmm... that one might work. That way he might let me get another one because he'll feel sorry for me... Hmm, somehow I don't know if it will work... I have a feeling I'll be given 'The Look' tonight... Ugh, 'The Look' says it all.... Plant Killer.... Fish Killer... Plant Killer... :-(
I'll keep you posted...

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