Tuesday, December 28, 2010


At approximately 6am Vettoria and Eadith woke up and Tori ran into our bedroom yelling "It's Christmas! Wakeup daddy it's Christmas!" As excitedly as our 6am bodies could, we said "I wonder if Santa has come?!" The two of them hurried down the stairs as fast as their little legs could carry them, and joyfully exclaimed "He came!" when they saw the group of presents waiting for them.

They ripped open the paper and squealed with delight as they discovered repeatedly-asked-for gifts right there in their hot little hands. Tori had been asking for Aqua Sand, a new 'magic sand' that set in water but was dry when you took it out. She also loved her new 'Sunday DVD' of David & Goliath which now takes her awesome appropriate Sunday DVD collection up to a grand total of THREE, which she thinks is fabulous. A couple more little nic-nacs added to her overwhelming excitement, which made Juan and I feel like successful present-buyers for our oldest little girl.
Eadie opened her first gift, a 'magic drawer' which she took to instantly. Before opening anything else she had become obsessed with drawing, erasing, and drawing again on her new favorite toy. Despite a few other nic-nacs, before long she was sprawled over the kitchen floor drawing like a pro. Meanwhile, Tori was becoming familiar with her new Aqua Sand, a gift which I regretted buying instantly when, come 7.30am the pink sand was all over the floor and water was splattered all over everything else. And who was left to clean the mess? Moi. Merry Christmas mummy!! Here's some pics of our girls having fun:

They also received some very special gifts from some very special people. Grandma and Grandpa Hunt who now live in America sent them beautiful frames with special messages, and their Great Grandma Hunt made and sent them much cherished woolen dolls, which they absolutely fell in love with:

This year Juan said he wanted something hand-made from the girls, so we set about making something that he could take into work. We decided on a picture frame with a cute photo of the girls inside. The girls decorated the frame with a special message, and Juan was very excited at his new office show-piece:

The morning was a 'present-giving success', but the best part was when Juan and I would look over each other and silently read the others mind smiling and thinking, "Ah yes... this is what it's all about..." To our much-loved friends and family, Merry Christmas to all, we hope your Christmas is filled with many happy memories and the joy of the gospel in your lives :-)

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