Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CHRISTMAS EVE - Montes Style!

As the first instalment of our Christmas weekend, we start with Christmas Eve. What a night! Twelve adults, nine children under eight, a tonne of food, and presents galore! That about sums it up. Oh, but did I mention the wonderful surprise of Karla and Josh visiting from Canada, and Carmen and Joe driving down from Emerald? It has been so wonderful over the past week to catch up and see the kids play together again. Despite the distance we have had regular visit from both families at least yearly, which makes the separation easier. Tori and Eadie now recognise their cousins when they reunite, and it's special for Juan and I to catch up with them and their lives.

This particular night we were responsible for the desert, and the treat of choice this year was ICE CREAM CAKE. Juan took the responsibility upon himself to make two cakes of which he was relieved and proud to say, were delicious. But this meant that when we arrived and put the cakes in the freezer, despite my constant "Anything I can do to help?", between the three pure-bread Latina kitchen hands fussing over the mountain of food in the kitchen, there was really not a lot pregnant ol' me could do... so this pic was taken pretty early into the night.... needless to say I didn't keep that look on my face all night, but I was very comfortable there, none-the-less:

After a delicious dinner it was time to give the kids their presents. I am happy to report that in the Montes family (meaning Juan's family of origin) we all decided it was a good idea to just get presents for the kids. Great decision! Each family picks a child's name out of a hat and we buy for that child. So simple, so great! This year Eadie and Tori were given fabulous gifts from Tia Yanci and their Abuelos. The girls were so excited, and Eadie now falls asleep to the sounds of her singing book from Yanci, while Tori excitedly plays shop with her awesome grocery set, while wearing her 'diamond' tiara and matching earrings from Abuelita and Abuelito. You can imagine their excitement!:

After presents the grownups watched the kids run a muck playing with their new toys until late into the night. It was great just to sit and catch up while laughing at our cute kids. We particularly noticed one funny thing. Elly was given a make-up set for her present which consisted of blue lipstick and eye-shadows. She excitedly put it on herself, and you can imagine how cool the other girls thought it was! So of course Elly took it upon herself to dress them up too! The results were hilarious:

We then took the family Christmas snaps which came out really well despite crazy kids running everywhere and crazed parents trying our best to control them all! Check these out:

One of my favorite things to notice when all the Montes grandchildren are together is their hair! All of the girls looks so similar in their little Montes ways, and they each have their own version of latina curls. It is so cute. Elly with her large ringlets, Sofia with her long spirally waves; Tori with her loose long curls, and Kira with her tight ringlets from the top to the bottom. Then of course there is Isabella with her gorgeous wild afro curls, and Eadie with her 'good girl at the front, party at the back' curls, which my parents refer to as the Mullet. ;-)

As usual with Juan's family it was a great night, and then we all left exhausted and excited for Christmas Day... which brings me to my next segment......

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