Monday, December 6, 2010


I just have to share this hilarious story before I forget and then it will be gone forever....

It took place a couple of months ago. I made scones as a morning snack for us. It was Tori's first time experiencing scones, so I dressed them up with jam and cream to make them exciting. I gave one to her and she quickly licked all the cream off and admitted she didn't want to finish the rest, however she would love some more cream. I told her the only way she was getting more cream was if she finished that scone and wanted another one with cream on the top. So she decided to eat the whole scone, pretending she thought it was yummy by making "Hmmm, yum!" noises as she ate it.

Once she had finished she came back into the kitchen and held up her empty plate.
"I finished mum!" she said. "Now can I have another scone with cream?" She then added very seriously, "Only this time can I have it without the jam or the scone?"

It was so funny I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud!
"So you just want some cream then?" I laughed. She nodded and gave a cheeky grin, and I couldn't help but reward her ingenuity. How adorable is my daughter????  :-)

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