Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Family Traditions

Last Christmas I started a tradition with Tori that I planned to carry on to this year. We bought some cookies she thought Santa would like and put them and some carrots out for his Reindeer. Tori was so excited in the morning when she saw the carrots had been chomped and the cookies devoured. Just the memory of her saying "He ate the cookies!" was enough to make me want to do it again this year. Only instead of buying them, I asked her if she would like to bake them! Of course she was ecstatic, and when Eadie was down for her nap we found the simplest recipe we could and began mixing away. She loved every moment, especially putting the icing on, so I made sure I got some pics.

After they had been made, Tori was so excited about her creation she actually spent at least another hour standing there playing with them. Her idea of fun was to move them from the tray onto the rack and back again while pretending she was the host of a cooking show. I listened to her say over and over, "OK, now they are all finished we will move them over to here...." at which she would, one by one place them in the other place. "There we go", she would say. "Now, there are red ones, green ones, and these ones are blue. OK, now they are all finished we will move them over to here..." and so it went on. I managed to snap a pic of the intricate process:

It was adorable until I realised that her grimy little fingers were all over the food that I was supposed to eat....... But yes, they were nevertheless delicious! ;-)

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