Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Big Day Out

An Amazing thing happened the other weekend - we had a Saturday FREE! That meant there were no meetings, no activities, no studies, NO SCHEDULE! What a wonderful way to begin the day! What to do?? Daddy suggested we go to the Museum in the city. Then I added in a swim at Southbank. THEN we decided to take the infamous BUS into the city! The girls are OBSESSED with transport that move large amounts of people. Trains, buses, planes, boats, you name it. We took the girls on a train about a year ago and Tori LOVED it. So we decided that this day was the one we went on the bus for the first time. (The experience reminded me why I don't catch buses with children -- but more on that later!)

So, we went to the local shops and caught the bus into the city. The museum was lots of fun, the girls just LOVED it. And Juan and I thought it was pretty great too! Tori was obsessed with every animal, it was so exciting to see her little face light up with ever corner turned.

After the museum we went to Southbank for a splash in the water. At first I was confused why Juan wanted to stay in the 'big kids' area to 'help Vettoria swim' instead of coming to the usual toddler area the kids were used to... it wasn't until I came over that I realised there was a giant screen set up above the beach area that was screening the Cricket 20/20 match. UGH. FINE!!! So we stood in the beach area with the kids splashing us and watched the 'exciting' cricket for a little bit. After which we made our way to get some lunch (Subway, which is Vettoria's favorite. SO relieved I have weened her off suggesting McDonalds at every opportunity!!!)

We then headed back to the bus-stop. What a relief, we JUST made the EXPRESS bus back to the shopping centre. We jumped on, relieved and exhausted after a fun day in the hot sun. The bus trip should have taken about 10 minutes to get back to our car, but we were a little confused as we began making twists and turns into suburbs that were NOT where we wanted to go. Before we knew it, 30 minutes had passed and we were still sitting on that bus!! Eadie had gulped her last bottle of milk, but thank goodness Tori was happy enough to drive around for a while longer than we had anticipated.... unlike Juan in this photo... haha.

Needless to say, we were on the WRONG BUS!! Who knows WHY it said EXPRESS on the front, because it took an HOUR to get back to the parking lot to drive home!! All we could do was LAUGH at how we managed to stuff it up so bad. (if we didn't laugh, we would have cried...) We were so relieved to be in our car the girls fell asleep before we had exited the shopping center, and Juan and I fell asleep at home not too long after that!

Despite it all, it was a great day and we made some fun-filled memories. But take my word for it, we will not be travelling on the bus any time in the near future... Juan can ride it to work of a morning and create his own fun-filled memories, thank you very much!

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