Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 29

So we are close to being 30 weeks pregnant! It is very exciting and we are anxiously looking forward to the arrival of our third little princess. I am now fully feeling the effects of "being pregnant", something I feel I have avoided for quite a long time this round. I now have fully "popped" as people tell me, and my clothes are feeling very snug and tight around my belly. Needless to say, Belly Belts and maternity clothes are all I wear!

I feel heavy and walk with the pregnancy waddle, despite the fact that I am technically not overly 'big' (according to the spectators). But I definitely feel the pressures of the belly and baby is moving often and strong. It is a nice relief since it took her so long to actually begin moving!

The girls are gretting more and more excited about their new little baby. Dolls and pretending to change nappies are becoming a regular part of play time. Even Eadie is in on it!

At last my appetite has subsided and I feel I am eating regular sized meals at normal intervals. Then, about 2 months ago Cassandra and I joined our gym's Aqua class. We both became addicted to it and we now go at least twice a week, often up to 4 days a week! The classes are lots of fun and we just love the extra time relaxing in the pool knowing the girls are safe and we can just chill and well, play in the pool! I am also happy to report that I am even developing a tan! I know, I am still the lightest skinned person in my family, but I'm hoping some of their gorgeous pigment has rubbed off on me over the years.... Hmm???
The pics shown were taken just this weekend when Juan and I went to his work Christmas Party. It was our first date since our Anniversary in February (and maybe a temple trip or two in between) and I was so excited! A chance to dress up fancy, go out just the two of us, hold hands and eat yummy food that was OFFERED to us on platters. I couldn't believe how excited I was... have I been a mother to toddlers for too long??? ;-)

Anyway, the night didn't turn out exactly as we had planned. The party was more of a stand-around holding wine glasses filled with orange juice while eyeing all the waitresses with the hors d'oeuvres who always seemed to avoid our section of the floor! After 1 1/2 hours I was sick of chasing them around the room, and Juan's work buddies had other plans, so we took off to have some fun! Our fun turned into driving around looking for various cafes that were no longer there, then we settled on ice cream at a local hangout and talked and laughed until about 9:45pm when we came home to relieve Cassandra from her babysitting duties for the night. Not quite the HOT DATE we had planned, but it was certainly wonderful to hold hands, laugh at silly jokes, and look into eachother's eyes without rolling them in frustration over something or other!

The pic above shows off a bit of my 29 week belly, and here is another one of us all dressed up on our date night. We realise it may very well be the last time we are alone at night together for the next 10 weeks and far, far beyond!

Anyway, I am honestly freaking out about having a third baby (I do have only two hands afterall!), but I am also so excited to meet her and start our life together. Well, that will happen soon enough, with only 11 weeks to go.. March 17 is quickly approaching! C'mon baby!

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