Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where's My Melon-Head??

Daddy affectionately refers to Eadie as Melon Head, ever since a few months ago she was 'diagnosed' with an "enlarged head" by our local GP. Eadie actually loves the nick-name; when Daddy says "Where's my Melon-Head?" she quickly smiles and puts her hands to the top of her head as if to say, "Here I am!" So cute.

Some people may think to themselves, "What's the big deal? So her head is slightly larger than other 18 month olds, it's ok...."
Well, her head was a bit bigger than 'slightly larger'. She was completely off the chart of other children her age. She was actually off the chart for two and three year olds! Needless to say, an appointment was made for us at the hospital to visit the Children's Development specialist. Although I knew there was nothing abnormal with her development I was still nervous walking into the hospital and looking around at all the children visiting the same specialists. Handicapped children in wheel-chairs, some walking with crutches, many with broken bones. Some had autistic issues, others had facial deformities. I couldn't help but wonder if I was missing something I should have paid attention to in my baby girl.

Once inside, I was instantly relieved when the doctor took one look at her and said, "Well, I can see that her motor skills are perfectly fine, and she seems to be completely on par with other children her age in all other ways... I wonder why your doctor sent you to see me?" What a relief! After re-measuring and discussing her history, she then asked me, "Do yo know if you have a large head?" I told her I didn't think so, but I had never had it measured. She measured it. To my utter shock it turns out I also have an ENLARGED HEAD! My head circumference is in the 98th percentile of females my age!! What the--?? You mean she gets her Melon Head from ME?! The Doctor then asked me to measure my husband's head when I arrived home, which I did. It turns out Juan ALSO has an enlarged head!! Thank heavens his head was bigger than mine (just slightly, believe it or not...), otherwise I would NEVER live it down.

Needless to say, after reviewing her stats and comparing all our head measurements, the specialist came to the conclusion that, despite the fact that her head is the size of an averege 5-6 year old, there was no reason to be concerned; Eadie simply had a large head that was most likely passed on to her from us, her big-headed parents.. Hmm... What a relief...?? Not so sure anymore! ;-)

Looks like Eadie is not the only Melon Head in our family!! And to my brother Jamie - you're now off the hook!! xx

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