Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eadie the Fish Wisperer???????

Those who know me well know I don't have the best reputation for keeping fish for very long. I LOVE having fish as pets. They are so pretty, I love feeding them and making their tanks looks all pretty. But I don't know what I do wrong that makes them all kark it between the 3-10 month mark. I check the water's alkaline levels, I make sure there are rocks for the 'good bacteria' to grow on, I add conditioner and even this other stuff that is supposed to help them. And yes, I feed them every day! I've been through a couple of different filters, tank sizes, fish varieties, you name it.  But they all seem to decide they have had enough of me and one day I find them belly-up on the top of the water.

For Vettoria's third birthday (last July) we bought Vettoria seven fish to put in a new tank. It was so exciting! She liked them a lot but I think I loved them even more...  But as the months have passed, sure enough they have been flushed away, one after the other (except for one that didn't go down and a visitor discovered it when they went to the bathroom... It didn't remain a secret from Tori for very long...).
By the four month mark we had two left... the remaining last two. Tori had all but forgotten about them, but I continue to 'look after' them and do the best I can to give them a good home.


Eadie has shown she also has an interest in looking after the fish. Every single day, in her sloppy but carefully structured toddler-talk, she asks me if she can stand on the chair and feed them. I agreed one day and gave her some fish pellets to drop in. Sure enough, within five seconds her hands were in the water and she was trying to touch them. I explained that we don't do that, etc, etc. The next day was better, but still resulted in water getting all over her hands and me cringing every time she managed to actually touch one of them.

But crazily enough, the fish are still alive, and I might even go so far as to add that I think they actually LIKE Eadie feeding them! I watch day after day as she climbs on the chair and gets into position to feed them. I put a small pile of pellets on the counter and she lifts them one by one and puts them into the water. She never does it the way I showed her, by dropping them from a height and letting them fall in - no, no. Instead, she places one pellet in the water and - I kid you not - PUSHES the pellet into the fish's MOUTH! Certainly not, you say? I kid you not! The fish swim up to her finger and practically WAIT for her to give it to them. It is a crazy thing to see. Of course she thinks it is the coolest thing ever and tries to pat them as they come to the surface. It freaks me out to watch, but I'm sick of fighting with her about it, and to be perfectly honest, I think the fish like it!

Could I, the "fish killer" have created a "fish whisperer"??? I'll keep you posted on their life span in the meantime..

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