Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Interesting Conversation

Tonight I had an awkward conversation with Vettoria... one that I wasn't sure whether to laugh hysterically about, or sit in a corner and cry over...

I had just slaved over a meal of chili-con-carne with rice and cornbread for dinner and I handed the bowls to the girls to eat. Vettoria took one look at it and said the word, "Yuck!" with a disgusted look on her face. She has been using 'yuck' and 'gross' a lot lately and I was about at the end of my rope with telling her how unacceptable her language was. So when she merely looked at the meal and said the offensive word, I had had enough.
"Excuse me!"  I said. "I am sick and tired of you saying that word every time I put a meal infront of you. It is very mean and rude! Now what do you say to mummy?"
"Sorry mummy", she said.
"What are you sorry for?" I pressed, wanting her to understand what she had done wrong.
"Um... that your food looks yucky..." she said after some thought.
I was kind of taken back at her WRONG response, so I tried again to help her understand why she was in trouble.
"No Tori, the food does not look yucky at all. Now I want you to apologise because you said it was yucky before you had even tasted it, and that is not very nice. I want you to say sorry for saying that. Now what do you say?"
Tori again took a short moment to think what to say.
"Mummy", she started. "I'm sorry that your food tastes yucky..."

All I could do was bite my tongue and try not to burst out laughing. There was no way I wanted to hear ANOTHER insulting 'apology', so I gave up there and then trying to get one. Instead, I tried not to smile and said "thank you", and hoped she got SOMETHING out of the experience. 

I'm still giggling about it,  if not a little depressed that my domestic efforts are not being appreciated, but I am pleased to say she at most of it despite everything. :-)

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