Sunday, January 9, 2011

Like Sister, Like Sister...

Eadie is proving quite the little copy-cat of Vettoria. And poor Vettoria is forced to be the example for her younger, very impressionable sister. Sometimes this is not a good thing - like when Tori decided "fluffies" and "poo-poos" are funny and we now face the struggle of getting BOTH of them to stop making jokes about them.. or when Tori began 'smacking' Eadie for being naughty.. now it's Vettoria who has to put up with Eadith coming up to her and saying "naughty girl!" and smacking her! Another is in the car when Eadie began singing to the CDs, and Tori told her to "stop singing!" Well, sure enough Eadie now tells Tori the same thing in exactly the same places. It drives Tori insane! (not to mention the listening parents in the front seat!) So Tori is learning the hard way that what she does to Eadie, Eadie will inevitably do in return to her before too long. 

But one bute example is during breakfast while they eat their cereal. I didn't teach her this by any means, but one day Tori decided to drink the left over milk out of the bottom of her bowl, like a cup. Eadie had noticed this over time and sure enough every morning the two of them proceed to sip the remaining milk out of their bowls as if on cue. I snapped somepics the other day and thought I'd share them:

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  1. The girls look so old in these photo's. Can't believe there will be a 3rd soon!!