Monday, January 10, 2011

Making the most of rainy days

With all the rain over the holidays our girls were (and still are) stuck inside while mum and dad were forced to think of interesting and exciting things to keep them occupied - not easy with two kids under four!! The worst is when Tori comes up to me and says, "Mum, can I do something fun?" I say "What would you like to do?" to which she replied, "YOU think of something..." and she stands there and taps her jawline with her index finger as if to help MY brain click faster to come up with something. Too much pressure!!!

But while Juan was on holidays he came up with a great idea. How about splashing outside in the puddles?  Our driveway had water all over it which were safe and perfect for the girls to play in. So, we dressed them up in their raincoats and headed out. Keep in mind we were not prepared for this type of weather, so our raincoats are probably not as 'professional' as some more hightech ones in areas where rain is more common, so we just worked with what we had.  Keep it in mind as you look at our adorable girls playing with their dad in the rain :-)   :

Of course it wasn't more than 2 minutes before Eadie managed to fall over in one of the deepest puddles and saturate herself completely. She thought it was hilarious, as did the rest of us!!

Daddy meanwhile, just had to remind the girls who was the Boss!!

But Tori got him back!!

And then got poor little Eadie.....AGAIN

 And - SURPRISE - Tori was the winner! :-)

Juan then used his engineering skills to create some cute little boats for the girls to race down the small rivers. They loved it!

All in all it was a great time while I stood comfortably under ther veranda snapping pics & keeping dry.
Bring on the wet-weather games!

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