Monday, January 10, 2011

Montes News Report

At the moment our state of Queensland is a natural disaster zone with multiple floods rising everywhere from Northern to Western QLD. We are located in the South East so the dangerous floods have not as yet hit our area, but it has been raining for weeks on end almost every day. The constant rush of water running outside out house and the sound of cars sloshing along the road have become familiar noises we hear daily.

Just today we had news reports from Toowoomba, a town less than 2 hours drive away, a small city where my parents lived during their first years of marriage. It was washed away by an 'inland tsunami' rushing through the city centre, causing multiple deaths along the way. As it is located in a highland mountainous area it was totally unexpected. It is just horrific.
Even Juan's sister and her family are in the flood-affected area of Emerald, located in north QLD. Their house is thankfully on stilts so the insides have not been affected, but everything on their street and under their house has been washed away. They were on holiday here for a couple of weeks while all this took place. Lucky for them a friend drove their second car, parked below their house up to his hillside property where it was kept safe. So Joe, Carmen, Elly and Noah are in our prayers and thoughts.

For us it is just a waiting game to see if the water is going to head south. Juan's work precinct has been put on alert as it sits on the Brisbane river way. The only positive about that situation is that his office is located in a high-rise building so he should be safe. My concern is more that he will be stuck there!
Meanwhile I am grateful our storage is up to date so that is one thing to calm my troubles nerves. The pipes at the front of our driveway have overflowed and bubbling away which makes me nervous, but of all the places in this State, our suburb is on the lower end of worrisome.

But I think I'll get some more bottled water anyway.... Will keep you posted.

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