Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 30 weeks - COUNTDOWN!!!

So FINALLY I feel like I can actually start a countdown. I am not one to start it from 20 weeks as it just gets more depressing since the number is so far away! But 30 weeks is different. Only 10 more weeks to go! Yay!! I am so excited to have this belly removed from my body, but even more, to have my little baby in my arms. We have a name all picked out - and unless I have told you secretly, I apologise that i am not ready to publish it on the Internet at the moment.. So you will have to wait!

As for how it is all going, I guess I can't complain too much..... but I will nonetheless! I am SOOOO over being pregnant I can't say it enough! Sleeping is awful, and don't get me started about getting OUT of bed in the middle of the night to give Eadie water - again! I am sweating like a pig 24/7 and even Juan can't get over how I 'glisten', even in the evenings with the air conditioner on. I have put more weight on this pregnancy than with any others. Most of my clothes - even maternity ones - are... well, snug. BUT one good thing has come from this weight... see the cute maternity dress I am wearing in these pics? My sister Sarah sent it over from the States and I couldn't fit it in my first two pregnancies as it was always too big. But now it fits!! So looking at it from that positive perspective, it's a good thing! Nevertheless, I am totally excited tofeel normal again and have the means and energy to get on a treadmill and just jog away! I feel pretty sluggish and slow, so I'm really looking forward to being able to get myself out of it and start feeling healthy and energetic.

As for preparations for the Big Day, we haven't really thought much about it. What's there to think about now? We have two girls already, so clothes are FULLY taken care of. We have a cot and a cradle already, plenty of blankets... I guess I should get some newborn nappies to be prepared... I am going to wait til she is born before I decide whether to get a double pram straight away or experiment with a sling of some sort. I love the idea of getting one, but in all seriousness I think i will be so grateful to have the bulge OFF of me that the idea of still walking around with it literally attached to me might not be too appealing... We'll have to see. This time around we are pretty flippant with things. With the first one it's like "we have to have everything prepared well in advance, just in case the baby comes early! And it all has to be on hand for when we need it straight away!" But by the second it's like, "anything we don't have now we can get when during the over-due period...". But come the third, our attitude is more like, "if we decide we need it after all, we'll get it when mum is in the hospital...".

As excited as I am to have this little bundle of joy in my arms, there are things I am not looking forward to:
1) LABOR. I'm not very good at it. After Eadie (natural) right now all I can think is the word EPIDURAL over and over in my mind. But I have a copy of the book "Hypnobirthing" and I stare at it in my hands and desperately want to read it in the hope it will give me confidence to do this naturally again... while in the same thought I am terrified the book will convince me to actually GO NATURAL and I just don't trust myself to follow through with it and then it will be too late to get the epidural and I'll have to go through it all over again!! ARGH! And then I begin to panic and I put the book down not daring to open it up.. So yeah, not looking forward to THAT...
2) My hair falling out... it has grown a lot since my last baby and both Juan and I are not looking forward to the strands that will inevitably be strewn all over the shower, bed and carpet.... Sorry babe!
3) Feeding - Anyone who knows my history with this will understand why I have concerns. Nevertheless I plan to try again and see how we go this time. Although as a confident bottle-feeding mother of two, I am pretty sure I will have a bottle on hand just in case.
4) Toddler jealousy - I was worried about this with Tori, but she surprised me by being the perfect big sister to our new little addition. This time we have Eadie as the toddler of the house.... part of me is not worried at all. She is proving to us that she loves little babies and apart from the time she scratched poor 8 month old Olivia on the side of her nose, and that time she hit her over the head, that she is very gentle and loving toward them. So I am sure it will be fine.... But with Eadie you never quite know.....

Apart from all that, I have Sciatic pains in my upper legs; an hereditary condition given to me by my mum... thanks. It seems to be getting worse as the weeks pass. Cassandra and I haven't been to Aqua class in a few weeks due to the weather and holidays, so I'm not sure if the lack of exercise has anything to do with it or if the condition is just inevitable... not fun to say the least anyway.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the nesting thing has kind of begun... it never happened with any other baby, but this time I am constantly wanting to clean everything. Of course it could be the fact that my house is very messy anyway, so maybe I'm just getting sick of it (!!!), but I am pleased to say that even though I have little energy and moving can be difficult, I still feel the need to clean. Hopefully this desire will turn into action when the nesting time really hits!! ;-)

Anyway, I had Tori take these pics for me the other day so neither came out great, but you get to see the 30 week bump that is baby number three. Enjoy!

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