Monday, February 28, 2011

Fortnight Countdown...

With only a fortnight to go, times are exciting! My body is definitely telling me big things are about to happen, with constant aches and pains throughout the day. For about three weeks now I have been having braxton hicks regularly throughout the week, but now days they are getting more and more regular as my body prepares for labour. It's not uncommon now for me to be contracting on and off for hours at a time throughout one day. These aren't so much painful as they are uncomfortable, so I can handle them for now, but every time my tummy tenses up and goes hard, it is just another reminder of what I am in for any time from now on! According to Juan's dream the baby should be coming this Saturday which happens to be the day we are visiting his sister Yanci and her kids up at the Sunshine Coast where he will baptise our Nephew, Mark. Hmm... I thought I was nervous before.... but that would certainly be a surprise! I think I'll take my hospital suitcase just in case, which I might add, I finally got around to packing! (OK, so not everything is in there yet, but hey at least I've finally got this little girl some nappies!)

Meanwhile, I think the girls literally have the feeling that something is going to happen in the near future, and not just because we talk about the baby coming one day soon. Vettoria is more 'touchy-feely' and emotional than ever before, wanting hugs and kisses and to be in my arms all day if I let her. Eadith too is being more affectionate and wanting to be around me more and more than I have ever seen her. I am told that at this point of the pregnancy children often pick up even more on the mother's hormones and they react to them by wanting to be closer more often. Well, if it's true then my daughters have it!  Not only that, but both of them suddenly seem more grown up than ever. Vettoria's communication skills have always been beyond her years, but now so more than ever. Just with the games she plays and how and what she says it never ceases to surprise me with what she comes up with. As for Eadie, this past week I have seen a brand new little girl emerge! It's like she suddenly enhanced her vocabulary overnight and tries to use as many words as she can. When once she would have just held up her bottle and said "milk mum?" if she wanted a drink of milk, now, she will say "Can I have milk please mummy?". And every time I say "thank you", she responds "you welcome!". SOOO cute. PLUS she is now letting me pull her hair up and actually keeping it back, so she is looking more mature than ever before too. They are both growing so quickly, but it is wonderful to watch them play together and enjoy eachother's company more and more. Yay, it's working!! :-)

Sleeping is still a nightmare, if not worse. If I am woken up by ANYTHING  in the middle of the night, I am awake for HOURS until I finally drift back off to sleep around 5.30am at which I am then woken up sometime around 6-6.30am by the girls anyway. It is torture, especially since it is so hard to get comfortable enough to fall asleep in the first place! But once I'm awake my mind just runs wild with imaginations and scenarios of the birth, the baby, the future, and anything else I let in there.

Juan meanwhile is already talking about "baby number four", at which I am totally appalled. At this stage thinking about baby number 4 is NOT on the agenda, let alone a nice thought right now. But he is convinced it will be a boy, so his imagination is running wild. I can't help but imagine I will most likely have twin girls if I was to get pregnant again, as would just be my luck. ;-)   But for the next couple of years my three beautiful girls will suit me just fine thank you very much! Daddy will just have to wait until I make up my mind!

I'm now sweating more than ever, as you can even see in the pics above where my face is shiny - despite the air conditioner being on full ball! But I am happy to report that the baby has dropped, so breathing is a lot easier. What a relief! Even though I still get heartburn every day it is not as bad as it was when I sat higher. My sciatica is still playing up but I'm determined not to be induced again like I was a couple of days early with Eadith,so I'm trying not to let it get to me.

My grandma thought of something fun the other day - Coming up on the third day of the third month I will have my 30th birthday and the same month I will be having my third child! If she comes on the 13th - or, crazy thought, the third - it will be quite the month! Anyway, time will tell and I'll certainly keep you posted! :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Juan's Dreams

My sister and my husband are lucky enough to have dreams, or some may call them 'visions' of their future children before they are born. Alisha has an awesome gift for it, with every child being seen in her dreams at least a few months before they are born. The exactness of what she describes in her dream compared to the baby actually born is quite amazing, from the color of their eyes, their birth weight and their hair color. I listen with envy at her descriptions as I sit wishing I had the same gift.

Well, looks like I married one with the gift instead! While I was pregnant with Vettoria Juan woke and told me about a great dream he just had where he had seen our little baby girl with a head full of dark, thick hair and brown eyes. Well, he was right and sure enough that was what Tori had.
When I was pregnant with Eadith, he woke and told me about a dream he had about a little baby boy he was playing soccer with at a family camping trip. The little boy was cute and chubby with a round face and dark curls. Then, when Eadie turned one year old Juan looked at her and suddenly exclaimed one day, "hey, I think it was Eadie I saw in that dream, not a little boy! She looks just like he did!" Interesting... because to this day people will sometimes look at Eadie and say "and how are you doing mate?" thinking that she is a little boy. Even comments like "He's beautiful" are not uncommon when she is wearing a blue or white shirt with a pair of jeans. How people can think this is beyond me, but it does happen!

Well, this morning Juan woke up and again said the words, "I dreamed about the baby last night!" I was so excited to hear the latest predictions I asked him to tell me everything. Boy did I get a shock!
First, he said the baby came "early" and it was "a surprise for us". I was happy enough with this until he said "we were up at the coast and didn't have time to get to a hospital and it just happened right there and then". Uh... ok...
"What did she look like?" I pressed, wanting to get as much details as possible.
"She was actually quite light", he said. "She had lighter hair, kind of with a reddish tinge". WOW!
"What color skin did she have?" I asked. He said it was lighter than our girls' skin, but still tanned. He didn't see the eye color but then, to my delight he said it jumped forward about a year and she was walking around! He said she was still petite and light skinned and really cute. How exciting!

This news totally made my day, to the point where I am even writing a post about it! But also I wanted to have it written down so we can compare it when she is born. Also, I confess it might actually be interesting to see whether I might even get a look-in with this off-spring..... ??? Time will tell! (And maybe less time than we think! hee hee)

Tori's Gross Princess Slippers

So long ago I can't even remember when, we bought Vettoria a pair of silver sparkly 'princess' shoes that she instantly loved and wore everywhere. They were so pretty, shiny and fancy, and they actually went with everything, so I was ok with her wearing them almost every day. Sure enough, within a couple of months all the sparkly shine had worn off and within a few more months the bottoms of the shoes began to lift here and there. It was time to throw out the shoes.
So the other day when Tori went to put on her 'princess slippers' I said to her, "how about you wear your new silver shoes today? I think it's time we threw your old slippers in the rubbish". Tori stared at the shoes, then at me.
"Shoes don't go in the rubbish, mum", she said plainly, and held them up.
True, I thought. "But these shoes are not looking very good anymore. They're falling apart, see? I think it's time we got rid of them", I tried again.
"But they still fit me...see?", she said and put them on.
I decided on the spot that it was better she learn and appreciate the value of 'waste not, want not" first-hand and let her wear them.. if only for the day. And I think it helped her cause that she was only going to playgroup for a couple of hours.. but I got some pics of the shoes so you can see what I'm working with here...  Not too 'princessy' anymore, but she still feels like one when she wears them... and that's the most important thing I suppose!

Tori's home-work... is MY home-work....

So a funny thing happened the other day which led to my house being cleaner today.

Yesterday Vettoria was doing her 'homework' (completing activities in her self-instituted work-book for pre-schoolers), and one activity asked her to circle the two objects that matched together. One line showed a shoe, and bucket and a mop. By a quick process of elimination she was able to determine the shoe was not part of the match. I say 'process of elimination' because I am pretty sure she would not have guessed the two matching items had the shoe not been so obvious.
"Surely not" you say. Well, let's just say the way she determined it was by saying "Mum, I have to match the bucket with... that wipey thingy...".  That's right, she didn't know what a mop was! I think this stands as solid proof that I not only suck at cleaning, but that mopping really is the bane of my existence and that I avoid it at all costs. I would rather get on my hands and knees with spray and a cloth rather than mop... 
But, in my defence, the mop I do use every now and again has a sponge on the end and the mop in her workbook was one of those horrible shaggy things. So I'm sure that that played a pretty big part... Hmm.

Needless to say, today I got out my mop and ran some hot water and mopped my floor! To my delight, Tori came in and said "What's this mess?"referring to all the chairs moved here and there. I proudly explained to her that I was doing what was called "mopping", making the floors nice and clean. She nodded in approval and left without a word, but it made me feel confident that next time she was asked what a mop was, she would know!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cousins and Dora the Explorer... what more could we want?

I was informed by a friend that Dora the Explorer would be visiting a nearby shopping mall this weekend, and I knew the girls would LOVE the chance to finally see their hero in 'the flesh'. So we told Aunties Cassandra and Alisha and we all excitedly joined eachother at the mall. None of us knew what to expect, but what we REALLY didn't expect was a 20 minute drive, a "30 minutes late" wait and a two-second snap-shot! All in all it was quite a disappointing experience for us mums, but our kids seemed to enjoy the experience, as short (and excruciatingly long) as it was. 

Meanwhile we were able to get pics of all our kids with Dora and I am happy to say, even though Eadie didn't want to get out of the pram the effort was well worth these cute pics!

Ah... the last month....YAY!

March 17 is approaching fast, and no one is more excited or happy than I!

At the moment my goal is to try to keep myself busy (yet at the same time trying to do nothing at all... hmm..) as I hope and pray that the day will finally come when I feel those first contractions and Juan has to race me to the hospital...Hmm.. never thought I would ever write those words...

But I am feeling particularly impatient as my sciatica pain is now worse than ever. Aching constantly, pretty much all day every day is a struggle as I walk and bend and stretch my way from place to place, kid to kid. Even aqua classes are taking their toll, but I still enjoy the time to myself and with Cassandra. At the moment we are swimming/relaxing up to five times a week, and I am trying to take advantage of every time we have the chance to be out in the pool under the sun soaking up the warmth and enjoying the freedom of just being two chicks hanging out. I know these days and times will soon come to an end and life will be very different. So for now, all I can do is take advantage and enjoy!

Eadie and Tori are acknowledging my bump more and more. Partly because I am constantly telling them to not jump on it, and I think partly because the bump now seems to be a permanent addition to the family. They talk to her and pat and poke and prod. Eadie is too afraid to touch it when the baby moves, but Tori is fascinated by it and loves to feel when she kicks and her limbs poke here and there. I think for someone so young, Tori has grasped the concept of what is in my tummy and that she will come out and be a baby to join our family, incredibly well.

Meanwhile our house is an absolute PIGSTY. The nesting period is officially over, and now there are constantly dishes to do, toys to pick up, food/clothes to put away, etc, etc. I find it extremely difficult to bend over as it's incredibly painful most days, so often the floor is covered from wall to wall with mess. The girls are getting better at helping, but they are easily distracted, so it's hit and miss. Most days I am so tired and sore I can't find the energy to struggle with them so I let it pass. Is this a bad thing? Part of me is afraid that by not forcing them I am not training them to clean, and another part of me at this point seriously couldn't care less right now. Frankly, I'll get to that when I don't have a full-term baby attached to my body. Until that glorious day, friends and family will continue to hear my loud "arrrr-gh!"'s as I bend and stretch my way through this final month!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Five Years Together....

It is hard to imagine that only five years ago Juan and I stood in front of the Brisbane Temple as husband and wife for the very first time. Part of me feels like we have been together forever, while another part of me finds it hard to believe so much has happened in such a short space of time!  Between moving houses and jobs, studying, bringing our own children into the world, laughing til our sides hurt, sobbing in each other's arms, dirty nappies, sleepless nights, sweet gestures, cheeky winks and elbows in ribs, travelling, rolled eyes, cleaning kid's vomit, all-night study sessions, and everything in between, life has been a wonderful ride for us since we 're-met' each other on that city train five years and five months ago. 
Do you all know the story of how we met? Most of our friends would, but I think I will tell the cliff-notes version for those who may not, and just so we have a family record we can always refer to. Here goes:

Juan and I met at early morning seminary when I was 16 and he was almost 17. My family had just moved back to Brisbane from Tasmania and his family had moved into the area the same month. We were instant friends and found we hung out in the same circle for most of our youth and 'YSA-hood'. We have old pics of us attending balls in groups and even together as friends once. We always got along well, but our friendship was only that.

Over the years our lives took us in different directions. We both served missions, dated and socialised in different circles and between studying, travelling and everything else we didn't have much to do with each other except for the occasional catch-up in passing.

Then, after the mission I moved out and began working in the city. He also had a full-time job in the city while finishing his degree. We were both surprised one day when he looked down and I looked up from my seat on the train to see each other after such a long time. We chatted that ride home and then both caught the train at the same time the next day ( I actually rushed to the train that afternoon but didn't tell him that, haha). Conversation came easy and it was fun and interesting to notice we had so much in common. I then offered to drop him off at his house which was on the way to where I was going that night, and we walked back to my place together. That was the first time we had actually been alone with each other since we met all those years ago. Who would have thought we would enjoy each other's company so much?
The next night after work he mentioned he had nothing on that evening and I took the bate and invited him around for dinner. We had a great night. The following night was just as fun and, needless to say, by the weekend we knew we had met that someone 'special'. Despite how easy and fast it moved, it was a nerve-wracking time for both of us, as we knew that further commitment would head to even more commitments; something we knew was inevitable by the way we were feeling. So over the next few days we each silently assessed the situation and each other and within the second week of hanging out we knew we didn't want to let each other go.

About six weeks later we began looking at engagement rings, and about another month after that, much to my impatience, Juan proposed at the Brisbane Temple, the place we were sealed together for eternity just three months later.

So, was that cliffs-notes enough? I think I did pretty well considering I could have gone into a lot more depth! Needless to say, I finally found "The Juan" (haha, love it) and to our friends we quickly became "Juani". Thank heavens those nick-names end after marriage...

Anyway, THIS anniversary we were excited as it was one of the few times in the year we make the effort and time to get a baby-sitter and venture off for a fun-filled night together. You certainly know you are out of the newly-wed stage when your night goes like our's did... This was our night...

We had a plan to get our favorite take out (a great Malaysian place we know), and head to the drive-in to eat and relax through a couple of movies. (Hey, when you go to the movies as little as we do, every chance you get you try to fit in as much as you can!) Being the parents of two toddlers we ended up running late, and arrived 15 minutes after the movie began. Rather than go to the movie late, we opted to watch another movie playing on another screen. So we set up our little picnic in the front seats (not easy to serve out take-away in a small sedan) and settled in. Within five minutes we were sick of the swearing and knew this was not our type of movie, so we decided to drive over to the other movie, the original one we had intended to see. Five minutes into watching that, we were disappointed to find out that that movie also was completely inappropriate and neither of us wanted to stay. So we decided to get our money back. Unfortunately they wouldn't give us back our money because we had been at the drive-in for "almost 30 minutes", so we sighed and took the free vouchers to come back another night. It was 7.45pm.

What were we going to do now?  How about bowling? No, Juan was too nervous because I was too clumsy and I agreed it wasn't really an 8-month pregnant woman activity. A walk through the city? I didn't think my legs and butt could handle the pressure of walking that late at night... parking at the 'local mountain'? Na, too many punk kids... Cafe and Latino dancing? Not as fun with a baby between us, and besides, we had just eaten and were both full... a ride on the river-cat along the Brisbane river? Yeah right, after our last river-cat adventure getting off at the wrong pier and having to walk 4km back to the car? No way! What WAS there for an 8 month pregnant married couple who had already eaten dinner, to do around here?  A different movie? We would give it a try. So we drove to the local cinema and stood infront of the list. The time was 8 o'clock and the next movie didn't start until after 9.15pm. Did we really want to hang around? We sat outside the cinema and contemplated the idea. After a short while of sitting in eachother's arms talking we remembered there was a movie on TV that night that we actually liked. Sure, we had it in our collection already, but at least it was something we actually wanted to see. So by now it was about 8.30pm and we decided to just leave and head home and have a night in.

My sister Alisha, the baby sitter for the night, was very surprised but after she left we had the idea to bring our queen size mattress downstairs so we were more comfortable while we watched the movie. Lying there we laughed about what a disastrous night it had turned out to be, but also relished in the fact that were were comfortable and relieved to be in our own house, just being with eachother spending the night together infront of our little 51cm TV watching a movie we had seen many times. Needless to say, before we knew it we were both asleep and when I awoke at 11.30pm and turned off the TV, I was content to settle back in bed with my husband and call it a night.

So, that was our big romantic anniversary evening! At different times it seemed like such a sad and disappointing night, but as we layed there in eachother's arms laughing and just being together, we realised we didn't need to go and do something that cost money or go somewhere 'special' in order for us to enjoy being together. It was also nice to see that we both have helped eachother maintain a good standard of what kinds of movies and entertainment we allow in our lives, to the point where we both still want to walk (in this case drive) out of places we find offensive. And I think, all in all, for a fifth wedding anniversary all these things were really great to notice.

Juan, just in case telling you every day is not enough, I want you to know again that I love you! Thank you for being the wonderful, sweet, selfless man you are, as well as being a wise, kind and fun father to our babies. In the past five years I have smiled and laughed more than any time in my life, and the reason is because of you. You know me better than I even know myself and I know that you always strive to make me happy. It has been a joyful and exciting five years together, and I look forward to what the next five years will bring!

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Miss Independent

Eadith's favorite words: "I do it! I do it!"

Since she became about 18 months old, Eadith Indiana has become quite the independent little terror  toddler. All day every day she shows us how much she wants to learn and do things all by herself. It would be the cutest thing in the world if it also wasn't one of the most frustrating!

It starts as early as 5.30am when she gets herself out of her 'big girl bed' and knocks on the inside of her door to be 'let out'. At breakfast she wants to pour her own drink and feed herself her own cereal, which always ends with more milk on the table then in her mouth. Then as we get ready to start the day she must pick out her own clothes. Often the combinations are not what 'I would choose' but to give her some credit, she will occasionally pick out something that works very well! Of course that must be 'me' coming out in her...

She 'brushes' her own teeth, then 'brushes' her own hair. If I dare try to wipe her face she once again shouts "I do it!" and has to wipe it by herself.

Next 'we' put on her shoes, which consists of her sitting there on the floor for at least 10 minutes trying to fix the first buckle. It is for this reason I often let her wear her gumboots come rain, hail OR shine, as they are easiest to put on, even though she NEVER gets them on the right feet. When she sees we are ready to go she finally gives in and lets me do the buckle, after which we head outside and get into the car. Eadie MUST  climb into her seat all by herself, and insists on putting on her own seat belt. This can be painful when we are NOT in a rush, but it is just EXCRUCIATING when we we running late. "I do it! I do it!"she shrieks if I even get my fingers near the buckle. FINALLY after what seems like a lifetime and me repeating, "Mummy help?" over and over, she agrees to let me click the buckles in place. At last we can go!! 

"Popcorn in Spaniss!" she cries straight away. Or, perhaps "I Child o' God in inglis!" I think she has picked up faster than Tori that the one who says the song first gets the first pick of what CD we play on the drive. So in goes the Primary Children's Songs in Spanish or English, AGAIN, and Tori has to like it or lump it, at least for a little while. 

At the shops she once again has to get herself out of her seat, then do her own buckle whether in the trolley or the pram. On the odd occasion when I do let her walk, she REFUSES to hold my hand or the pram. She must walk by herself and stop where she wants to stop. It is a BIG change from Vettoria who naturally wanted to hold my hand and even hold on to the pram as we walked along. So constantly having to say "Eadie, come back over here please" and not feel offended when she doesn't want to hold my hand is something I have forced myself to get used to.

"I did poo-poos!" she cries throughout the day. Often to my horror she will remove the nappy herself and get out her own new nappy and wipes. I have convinced her it is MY job to wipe her bottom, which she has finally agreed to let me do. I will occasionally let her do the little sticky flaps but only when I am in a very patient mood...

Returning to the house I put the key in the front door and am forced to wait for her to pull the handle down and open it for everyone to walk through. If anyone dares try to open it for her, there is chaos! 

Next it is shower time and she insists on taking all of her clothes off by herself. This little display consists of her trying to lift her top over her head as she steps round and round in a circle desperately trying to yank it over her head. She has never actually accomplished it, but after about 5 minutes of giving it a good shot she lets me take her shirt and pants off - but she she ALWAYS has to take off her own nappy. She then climbs HERSELF into the shower of course. I go downstairs to make dinner and before long I hear the tiny footprints which signify she has gotten herself OUT of the shower. "Eadie, you better not be out of that shower!" I yell up to the two of them. "She is mum!" Tori dobs. I then hear 'bump-bump-bump-bump-bump" as she runs back into the bathroom leaving water all over the wooden floorboards. I then get her back out of the shower and try to dry her down as fast as I can before her "I do it! I do it!" get so loud insistent I am forced to let her do it herself.

Putting her pyjamas on is the same ordeal, only this time what she wears isn't such a big deal. But seeing her continually walk out of her room with a shirt pulled around her chubby little thighs and a pair of pants wrapped on top of her head usually results in me helping her pull them on.

Come dinner time she has to feed herself no matter how little may get in her mouth. She would love to pour her own water and add her own sauce if we let her, but there has GOT to be limits somewhere!

So that is a typical day in Eadie-Ville. As frustrating as it is, I feel it is important to let her develop her independence and skills. She is very strong-willed and has a desire to learn, so I want to help this along. Of course, I have my limits and sometimes there is just not enough time or patience for this type of 'encouragement'. But you know, she is just so darn cute, we can't help but sit back and cheer her on in her endeavors to show us how smart and big she is. Juan and I constantly watch her and look over at each other with huge smiles on our faces and mouth the words, "She's so cute!" at  the exact same time -- which she is. Don't you agree? :-)

The Secret of My Success

I've noticed something over the past few months. Part of me finds it disturbing, while another side of me feels frustrated, even betrayed. But, honestly there is also a small part of me that secretly triumphs in what is occurring, despite it also being a massive insult.

I am referring once again to my knack of killing plants. No matter how hard I try or what I do I just cannot seem to help them flourish... ... ...or can I? I think I have discovered the answer... the secret to growing success!!

Could it be true? Check out these pics!

This passion fruit vine is growing in our backyard! Well, a better description would be that this passion fruit plant is OVERTAKING our backyard. That's right, in MY backyard!

This is the incredible story... When we first moved into this house just over three years ago, an old lady friend from our old address gave me the vine which was then about 15cm high, which she had planted in this large pot. "It will need to be planted into the ground at your new place, and you should have fruit in two years", she said. Two years?! Was she kidding? This thing would be lucky to last two months in my care!!  Of course I didn't tell her this.

You will notice that there is almost no dirt in the pot whatsoever. This is due to the girls using it to make mud cakes, water getting into it and overflowing which then I would tip out and the soil has come out with the water, etc, etc, etc. Basically, there is about 10cm of old, ugly dirt in the bottom of that large, cheap 35cm high plastic pot.

So I put it in the backyard convinced it would NEVER grow into anything. I put it aside and forgot about it. I even had a plan to throw it out with the council pickup because I was sick of it lying around. But alas, it has been sitting in this corner for three years and I have not moved it once. I have not watered it, nor repotted or fertilised it. To me, it was always a lost cause.
So how did it turn into THIS?? We can hardly control the thing! How did it happen? Passion fruit hanging from every vine; green vibrant leaves as far as the eye can see! Beautiful passion fruit flowers growing here and there, I just don't understand.

And what's more, in the same backyard within four metres of this flourishing vine sits the continually growing collection of sad pot plants I had once put so much faith and energy into growing... Each one planted with such care, love, hope, and money! 

How depressing..... 
But check this out .. Remember the pretty flowers we planted about a year ago at our front porch? Juan dug out the old plants and I bought new ones and put them in the ground. For a short while we fertilised and took notice of how well they were doing. And then I kind of noticed they were doing so well on their own, I didn't feel I had to do much with them. About once a week I take a look under the flowers and pull out any weeks that might be sneaking in. Meanwhile, the girls always pick the flowers off and tread in and out of the dirt each time we step out the front door. But my negligence once again has proved the be the reason for its success because LOOK AT THIS!

Two words: WHAT THE--? How did that happen!? Even my brother commented the other day about how good our flowers look. I was so happy at the comment, no one had ever said that to me about something I had grown before...

The tree in this pic has also had an interesting life... when we first moved in it was was a small collection of leaves less than 1m high. When Juan dug out the old plants he actually removed most of the plant and only left one small little plant that we thought would add some variety amidst the flowers. Before we know it, we have a flourishing green, large plant of 2m in height and still growing! Don't ask me how it happened, but somehow it too, just grew and grew without any special attention.

I don't know what else to say. The pictures speak for themselves.... All I know is this:
Every plant I have tried to keep alive I have killed... and every plant I have left to fend for itself, even to the point of neglect, has flourished... I don't know what this says about me, but if this is the secret to how I grow a successful garden in the future, then as long as I don't touch a thing, I could potentially have the best garden in the street! 

Maybe I should leave my remaining basil on the windowsill alone and it will somehow survive... hmm.... it's worth a shot...?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 5 weeks to go!

Finally I feel like we are getting somewhere! I felt as though I was stuck on 7-8 weeks for the longest time, so 5 weeks and 3 days suddenly sounds very close. I think it helps that this week we actually got around to getting some more things for the baby so, although there really was not a lot to get, I do feel a little more 'prepared'. We bought a double stroller, something I am convinced will be my life-saver at the shops and pretty much any time Eadith has the option to run around (!!!) and I was relieved we found one which was not only light and maneuverable but also pretty cheap, since this may be our last baby so I didn't want to spend a fortune on something I might only use for a year.
Health wise I am feeling ok. Worn out today (as you can see by the pic above I just got Vettoria to snap right then so you could see my 35 week belly). Sleeping is very uncomfortable for two reasons: 1) I wake up every night at 3am to go the toilet and often can't get back to sleep until at least 5am... awful!! And poor Juan has to lay there listening to me toss and turn in pain while asking him, "Are you awake?", wanting some company.
2) The sciatica curse has struck - talk about a 'pain in the butt' - literally! With Eadith it was excruciating, with episodes of debilitating pain that would strike randomly, especially at night. Thankfully the same debilitating pain has not hit fully in the same way, but instead I have been suffering with sever sciatic pain that is a constant pressure from the top of my bottom to just above my knee - often in BOTH legs. UGH! So part of me is relieved the pain is not as excruciating when it does occur, but instead it is a constant lighter pain that is with me all day and all night. NOT fun.

Especially since at the moment I am NESTING!!! YAY!! Finally it has happened!! The "I need to clean this place" didn't come with Tori or Eadie, but it has with this one, and I am relieved, but also feeling sore and tired from all the extra work I find myself doing!! Is this what clean people actually do all day? Heaven forbid, it is exhausting! On a happier note, apart from this morning after the lazy weekend, my house has been cleaner for longer than anyone can remember it, and I feel I am developing good habits, so lets hope they stick until after the baby is born!

Meanwhile, we also got her "room" all sorted out. I feel kind of sorry for this new little addition, as we really don't have  a lot of options as to where to put her. There are two rooms to choose from in our two-bedroom townhouse, and the girls are in the huge master room while Juan and I have put ourselves in the smaller one so they girls can have room to play. We fit in there comfortably enough, but where were we going to put the new baby?? We decided to put the 'family' cradle on our low chest of drawers and bring in an old shelf to put her things on. Although it has fit in quite perfectly and without moving any of our furniture, a part of me feels bad that we have given our new daughter such a make-shift little, well, corner! So I added some cute touches like a baby-themed border sticker, a plant, and some pretty frames I didn't know where else to put. I am happy enough with the result and, although Juan argues "she's not going to know the difference", I feel confident the little corner we have made for her will be to her (and my) satisfaction. :-) This is it:

Quaint, but made with love..  When she is older we will move her into the girl's room where there is a lot more space. But for now, this little corner will be her special spot.

Speaking of her special spot my belly is, compared to my other pregnancies, what I see as HUGE. Everyone else thinks I am 'so small!", but I feel heavy and even, dare I say it, low. I wonder if she will maybe come early? I am hoping she will as my parents are coming over from America about a week before she is due, so if she is a couple of weeks overdue there is a chance she will not even be born before they have to go home! So I hope for everyone's sake that she comes sooner rather than later. 'Til then, we will keep you posted! :-)

Tori's BIG Accomplishment!

A couple of weeks ago Vettoria was selected to say the talk for Primary Junior Sharing Time. She was so excited, and we discussed her topic and what she wanted to say all week. She was naturally enthusiastic about it, so I was sure never to ask her whether she was scared or nervous, as I didn't want to introduce those words into her confident little mind. Then, on Saturday night we had a mini FHE to go over exactly what she would say and to wrote it out on paper. Juan and I decided the best method to help her remember would be to turn the words into drawings so she would not have to memorise everything.

Vettoria's topic was "The scriptures teach me about Heavenly Father's plan". So after telling us what she wanted to say, we came up with a written talk. Here it is:

The words say:
Hello everyone. I love the scriptures. I love my family. The scriptures teach me about Heavenly Father's plan. I love Eadie and my mum and dad. The scriptures teach me I can live with my family forever. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Tori wanted to practice and practice all night. She read it as her bedtime story, we made practice set ups using a hair brush as a microphone, and her table as a 'stand'. She was so excited and Juan and I were convinced she would either do it perfectly, or not at all. Ether way we really didn't mind. We just wanted her to have fun. We went to church the next day with mixed anticipation; would she read it by herself the way she said she wanted, or would she buckle under the pressure and decide she didn't want to do it after all? Time would tell.

I took my position as Primary pianist at the piano and Juan stood at the back of the room while Tori sat in the 'talk' chair at the front. Her name was then called, and Juan and I looked on eagerly. Tori walked to the small pulpit , opened her paper, looked at the children, glanced at Juan and then at me, and then looked down and began to read! She performed her talk exactly as she had practiced, and even though there wasn't a microphone that day, her voice was loud enough to be heard. She did a perfect job and I had tears in my eyes as she closed her talk and looked over and smiled her gorgeous huge smile. I clapped my hands with delight and couldn't help agreeing with every one that it was the cutest thing EVER. Juan and I were so proud, but more than this I was so excited and relieved that she had had such a good experience for her first real talk. She is such a confident person and was so looking forward to doing a performance in front of people, but her nerves could have easily gotten the better of her. They didn't, and I am so happy for her and the great job she did.

Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of the big day, but we did film her saying her talk when we got home after church, so here is a video for you all to see. Well done sweetheart, we are so super proud of you!:

A Confusing Conversation for All

On Saturday morning I was chatting on the phone in the kitchen. Tori and Eadie were playing in the lounge room, getting louder and louder. I had a feeling someone was going to run in soon enough and complain that one had hurt the other. Sure enough, in true toddler style, Tori came in to the kitchen with tears in her eyes and said, "I hurt my nose on the couch!"

Because I am trying to encourage the girls to discuss their issues with each other rather than run straight to me, I said to Vettoria, "Tori, you know what to do... you need to go to Eadie and tell her why you are upset". Tori said, "OK", and I then heard her say to Eadie, "Eadie, I'm upset because I hurt my nose on the couch". I waited to see whether Eadie would apologise, but was disappointed when all I heard her say was, "Oh no Tori...". Tori came back to the kitchen and said "Mum, my nose still hurts...". I held the phone away from my ear for long enough to ask, "Did you tell Eadie why you are upset?"to which she replied, "Yes, but Eadie didn't do anything..".

I called out to Eadie, "Eadith you need to say sorry to Tori for hurting her nose", at which Eadie solemnly said "Sorry Tori".
"But mum", Tori repeated. "Eadie didn't do anything". Now I was just confused. What were these two doing? "Hang on a sec", I said to my friend, and put down the phone.
"Tori, what happened?"
"I ran and I hit my nose on the couch", she replied, tearful again, holding her little nose.
"So did Eadie hurt it?"
"No, Eadie didn't do anything".

My goodness, it was finally beginning to make some sense! And then the reality hit me...

First, Tori had come to me for comfort and I told her to go tell Eadie about it instead... Then I misinterpreted Eadie's reaction and forced her to apologise to Tori for something she didn't do... meanwhile all Tori wanted was a hug because her nose hurt.

Goodness, I wasn't doing very well this morning! Meanwhile, I couldn't stop laughing, and I made a big effort to comfort my sore-nosed daughter while praising Eadie for being so sweet, all the while my friend, hearing the whole ordeal laughed on the other end of the phone.

Next time I think I'll make sure I understand the situation before I begin giving marching orders! :-)