Friday, February 18, 2011

Ah... the last month....YAY!

March 17 is approaching fast, and no one is more excited or happy than I!

At the moment my goal is to try to keep myself busy (yet at the same time trying to do nothing at all... hmm..) as I hope and pray that the day will finally come when I feel those first contractions and Juan has to race me to the hospital...Hmm.. never thought I would ever write those words...

But I am feeling particularly impatient as my sciatica pain is now worse than ever. Aching constantly, pretty much all day every day is a struggle as I walk and bend and stretch my way from place to place, kid to kid. Even aqua classes are taking their toll, but I still enjoy the time to myself and with Cassandra. At the moment we are swimming/relaxing up to five times a week, and I am trying to take advantage of every time we have the chance to be out in the pool under the sun soaking up the warmth and enjoying the freedom of just being two chicks hanging out. I know these days and times will soon come to an end and life will be very different. So for now, all I can do is take advantage and enjoy!

Eadie and Tori are acknowledging my bump more and more. Partly because I am constantly telling them to not jump on it, and I think partly because the bump now seems to be a permanent addition to the family. They talk to her and pat and poke and prod. Eadie is too afraid to touch it when the baby moves, but Tori is fascinated by it and loves to feel when she kicks and her limbs poke here and there. I think for someone so young, Tori has grasped the concept of what is in my tummy and that she will come out and be a baby to join our family, incredibly well.

Meanwhile our house is an absolute PIGSTY. The nesting period is officially over, and now there are constantly dishes to do, toys to pick up, food/clothes to put away, etc, etc. I find it extremely difficult to bend over as it's incredibly painful most days, so often the floor is covered from wall to wall with mess. The girls are getting better at helping, but they are easily distracted, so it's hit and miss. Most days I am so tired and sore I can't find the energy to struggle with them so I let it pass. Is this a bad thing? Part of me is afraid that by not forcing them I am not training them to clean, and another part of me at this point seriously couldn't care less right now. Frankly, I'll get to that when I don't have a full-term baby attached to my body. Until that glorious day, friends and family will continue to hear my loud "arrrr-gh!"'s as I bend and stretch my way through this final month!

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