Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Confusing Conversation for All

On Saturday morning I was chatting on the phone in the kitchen. Tori and Eadie were playing in the lounge room, getting louder and louder. I had a feeling someone was going to run in soon enough and complain that one had hurt the other. Sure enough, in true toddler style, Tori came in to the kitchen with tears in her eyes and said, "I hurt my nose on the couch!"

Because I am trying to encourage the girls to discuss their issues with each other rather than run straight to me, I said to Vettoria, "Tori, you know what to do... you need to go to Eadie and tell her why you are upset". Tori said, "OK", and I then heard her say to Eadie, "Eadie, I'm upset because I hurt my nose on the couch". I waited to see whether Eadie would apologise, but was disappointed when all I heard her say was, "Oh no Tori...". Tori came back to the kitchen and said "Mum, my nose still hurts...". I held the phone away from my ear for long enough to ask, "Did you tell Eadie why you are upset?"to which she replied, "Yes, but Eadie didn't do anything..".

I called out to Eadie, "Eadith you need to say sorry to Tori for hurting her nose", at which Eadie solemnly said "Sorry Tori".
"But mum", Tori repeated. "Eadie didn't do anything". Now I was just confused. What were these two doing? "Hang on a sec", I said to my friend, and put down the phone.
"Tori, what happened?"
"I ran and I hit my nose on the couch", she replied, tearful again, holding her little nose.
"So did Eadie hurt it?"
"No, Eadie didn't do anything".

My goodness, it was finally beginning to make some sense! And then the reality hit me...

First, Tori had come to me for comfort and I told her to go tell Eadie about it instead... Then I misinterpreted Eadie's reaction and forced her to apologise to Tori for something she didn't do... meanwhile all Tori wanted was a hug because her nose hurt.

Goodness, I wasn't doing very well this morning! Meanwhile, I couldn't stop laughing, and I made a big effort to comfort my sore-nosed daughter while praising Eadie for being so sweet, all the while my friend, hearing the whole ordeal laughed on the other end of the phone.

Next time I think I'll make sure I understand the situation before I begin giving marching orders! :-)

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