Monday, February 28, 2011

Fortnight Countdown...

With only a fortnight to go, times are exciting! My body is definitely telling me big things are about to happen, with constant aches and pains throughout the day. For about three weeks now I have been having braxton hicks regularly throughout the week, but now days they are getting more and more regular as my body prepares for labour. It's not uncommon now for me to be contracting on and off for hours at a time throughout one day. These aren't so much painful as they are uncomfortable, so I can handle them for now, but every time my tummy tenses up and goes hard, it is just another reminder of what I am in for any time from now on! According to Juan's dream the baby should be coming this Saturday which happens to be the day we are visiting his sister Yanci and her kids up at the Sunshine Coast where he will baptise our Nephew, Mark. Hmm... I thought I was nervous before.... but that would certainly be a surprise! I think I'll take my hospital suitcase just in case, which I might add, I finally got around to packing! (OK, so not everything is in there yet, but hey at least I've finally got this little girl some nappies!)

Meanwhile, I think the girls literally have the feeling that something is going to happen in the near future, and not just because we talk about the baby coming one day soon. Vettoria is more 'touchy-feely' and emotional than ever before, wanting hugs and kisses and to be in my arms all day if I let her. Eadith too is being more affectionate and wanting to be around me more and more than I have ever seen her. I am told that at this point of the pregnancy children often pick up even more on the mother's hormones and they react to them by wanting to be closer more often. Well, if it's true then my daughters have it!  Not only that, but both of them suddenly seem more grown up than ever. Vettoria's communication skills have always been beyond her years, but now so more than ever. Just with the games she plays and how and what she says it never ceases to surprise me with what she comes up with. As for Eadie, this past week I have seen a brand new little girl emerge! It's like she suddenly enhanced her vocabulary overnight and tries to use as many words as she can. When once she would have just held up her bottle and said "milk mum?" if she wanted a drink of milk, now, she will say "Can I have milk please mummy?". And every time I say "thank you", she responds "you welcome!". SOOO cute. PLUS she is now letting me pull her hair up and actually keeping it back, so she is looking more mature than ever before too. They are both growing so quickly, but it is wonderful to watch them play together and enjoy eachother's company more and more. Yay, it's working!! :-)

Sleeping is still a nightmare, if not worse. If I am woken up by ANYTHING  in the middle of the night, I am awake for HOURS until I finally drift back off to sleep around 5.30am at which I am then woken up sometime around 6-6.30am by the girls anyway. It is torture, especially since it is so hard to get comfortable enough to fall asleep in the first place! But once I'm awake my mind just runs wild with imaginations and scenarios of the birth, the baby, the future, and anything else I let in there.

Juan meanwhile is already talking about "baby number four", at which I am totally appalled. At this stage thinking about baby number 4 is NOT on the agenda, let alone a nice thought right now. But he is convinced it will be a boy, so his imagination is running wild. I can't help but imagine I will most likely have twin girls if I was to get pregnant again, as would just be my luck. ;-)   But for the next couple of years my three beautiful girls will suit me just fine thank you very much! Daddy will just have to wait until I make up my mind!

I'm now sweating more than ever, as you can even see in the pics above where my face is shiny - despite the air conditioner being on full ball! But I am happy to report that the baby has dropped, so breathing is a lot easier. What a relief! Even though I still get heartburn every day it is not as bad as it was when I sat higher. My sciatica is still playing up but I'm determined not to be induced again like I was a couple of days early with Eadith,so I'm trying not to let it get to me.

My grandma thought of something fun the other day - Coming up on the third day of the third month I will have my 30th birthday and the same month I will be having my third child! If she comes on the 13th - or, crazy thought, the third - it will be quite the month! Anyway, time will tell and I'll certainly keep you posted! :-)

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