Sunday, February 20, 2011

Juan's Dreams

My sister and my husband are lucky enough to have dreams, or some may call them 'visions' of their future children before they are born. Alisha has an awesome gift for it, with every child being seen in her dreams at least a few months before they are born. The exactness of what she describes in her dream compared to the baby actually born is quite amazing, from the color of their eyes, their birth weight and their hair color. I listen with envy at her descriptions as I sit wishing I had the same gift.

Well, looks like I married one with the gift instead! While I was pregnant with Vettoria Juan woke and told me about a great dream he just had where he had seen our little baby girl with a head full of dark, thick hair and brown eyes. Well, he was right and sure enough that was what Tori had.
When I was pregnant with Eadith, he woke and told me about a dream he had about a little baby boy he was playing soccer with at a family camping trip. The little boy was cute and chubby with a round face and dark curls. Then, when Eadie turned one year old Juan looked at her and suddenly exclaimed one day, "hey, I think it was Eadie I saw in that dream, not a little boy! She looks just like he did!" Interesting... because to this day people will sometimes look at Eadie and say "and how are you doing mate?" thinking that she is a little boy. Even comments like "He's beautiful" are not uncommon when she is wearing a blue or white shirt with a pair of jeans. How people can think this is beyond me, but it does happen!

Well, this morning Juan woke up and again said the words, "I dreamed about the baby last night!" I was so excited to hear the latest predictions I asked him to tell me everything. Boy did I get a shock!
First, he said the baby came "early" and it was "a surprise for us". I was happy enough with this until he said "we were up at the coast and didn't have time to get to a hospital and it just happened right there and then". Uh... ok...
"What did she look like?" I pressed, wanting to get as much details as possible.
"She was actually quite light", he said. "She had lighter hair, kind of with a reddish tinge". WOW!
"What color skin did she have?" I asked. He said it was lighter than our girls' skin, but still tanned. He didn't see the eye color but then, to my delight he said it jumped forward about a year and she was walking around! He said she was still petite and light skinned and really cute. How exciting!

This news totally made my day, to the point where I am even writing a post about it! But also I wanted to have it written down so we can compare it when she is born. Also, I confess it might actually be interesting to see whether I might even get a look-in with this off-spring..... ??? Time will tell! (And maybe less time than we think! hee hee)

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