Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Miss Independent

Eadith's favorite words: "I do it! I do it!"

Since she became about 18 months old, Eadith Indiana has become quite the independent little terror  toddler. All day every day she shows us how much she wants to learn and do things all by herself. It would be the cutest thing in the world if it also wasn't one of the most frustrating!

It starts as early as 5.30am when she gets herself out of her 'big girl bed' and knocks on the inside of her door to be 'let out'. At breakfast she wants to pour her own drink and feed herself her own cereal, which always ends with more milk on the table then in her mouth. Then as we get ready to start the day she must pick out her own clothes. Often the combinations are not what 'I would choose' but to give her some credit, she will occasionally pick out something that works very well! Of course that must be 'me' coming out in her...

She 'brushes' her own teeth, then 'brushes' her own hair. If I dare try to wipe her face she once again shouts "I do it!" and has to wipe it by herself.

Next 'we' put on her shoes, which consists of her sitting there on the floor for at least 10 minutes trying to fix the first buckle. It is for this reason I often let her wear her gumboots come rain, hail OR shine, as they are easiest to put on, even though she NEVER gets them on the right feet. When she sees we are ready to go she finally gives in and lets me do the buckle, after which we head outside and get into the car. Eadie MUST  climb into her seat all by herself, and insists on putting on her own seat belt. This can be painful when we are NOT in a rush, but it is just EXCRUCIATING when we we running late. "I do it! I do it!"she shrieks if I even get my fingers near the buckle. FINALLY after what seems like a lifetime and me repeating, "Mummy help?" over and over, she agrees to let me click the buckles in place. At last we can go!! 

"Popcorn in Spaniss!" she cries straight away. Or, perhaps "I Child o' God in inglis!" I think she has picked up faster than Tori that the one who says the song first gets the first pick of what CD we play on the drive. So in goes the Primary Children's Songs in Spanish or English, AGAIN, and Tori has to like it or lump it, at least for a little while. 

At the shops she once again has to get herself out of her seat, then do her own buckle whether in the trolley or the pram. On the odd occasion when I do let her walk, she REFUSES to hold my hand or the pram. She must walk by herself and stop where she wants to stop. It is a BIG change from Vettoria who naturally wanted to hold my hand and even hold on to the pram as we walked along. So constantly having to say "Eadie, come back over here please" and not feel offended when she doesn't want to hold my hand is something I have forced myself to get used to.

"I did poo-poos!" she cries throughout the day. Often to my horror she will remove the nappy herself and get out her own new nappy and wipes. I have convinced her it is MY job to wipe her bottom, which she has finally agreed to let me do. I will occasionally let her do the little sticky flaps but only when I am in a very patient mood...

Returning to the house I put the key in the front door and am forced to wait for her to pull the handle down and open it for everyone to walk through. If anyone dares try to open it for her, there is chaos! 

Next it is shower time and she insists on taking all of her clothes off by herself. This little display consists of her trying to lift her top over her head as she steps round and round in a circle desperately trying to yank it over her head. She has never actually accomplished it, but after about 5 minutes of giving it a good shot she lets me take her shirt and pants off - but she she ALWAYS has to take off her own nappy. She then climbs HERSELF into the shower of course. I go downstairs to make dinner and before long I hear the tiny footprints which signify she has gotten herself OUT of the shower. "Eadie, you better not be out of that shower!" I yell up to the two of them. "She is mum!" Tori dobs. I then hear 'bump-bump-bump-bump-bump" as she runs back into the bathroom leaving water all over the wooden floorboards. I then get her back out of the shower and try to dry her down as fast as I can before her "I do it! I do it!" get so loud insistent I am forced to let her do it herself.

Putting her pyjamas on is the same ordeal, only this time what she wears isn't such a big deal. But seeing her continually walk out of her room with a shirt pulled around her chubby little thighs and a pair of pants wrapped on top of her head usually results in me helping her pull them on.

Come dinner time she has to feed herself no matter how little may get in her mouth. She would love to pour her own water and add her own sauce if we let her, but there has GOT to be limits somewhere!

So that is a typical day in Eadie-Ville. As frustrating as it is, I feel it is important to let her develop her independence and skills. She is very strong-willed and has a desire to learn, so I want to help this along. Of course, I have my limits and sometimes there is just not enough time or patience for this type of 'encouragement'. But you know, she is just so darn cute, we can't help but sit back and cheer her on in her endeavors to show us how smart and big she is. Juan and I constantly watch her and look over at each other with huge smiles on our faces and mouth the words, "She's so cute!" at  the exact same time -- which she is. Don't you agree? :-)

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