Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 5 weeks to go!

Finally I feel like we are getting somewhere! I felt as though I was stuck on 7-8 weeks for the longest time, so 5 weeks and 3 days suddenly sounds very close. I think it helps that this week we actually got around to getting some more things for the baby so, although there really was not a lot to get, I do feel a little more 'prepared'. We bought a double stroller, something I am convinced will be my life-saver at the shops and pretty much any time Eadith has the option to run around (!!!) and I was relieved we found one which was not only light and maneuverable but also pretty cheap, since this may be our last baby so I didn't want to spend a fortune on something I might only use for a year.
Health wise I am feeling ok. Worn out today (as you can see by the pic above I just got Vettoria to snap right then so you could see my 35 week belly). Sleeping is very uncomfortable for two reasons: 1) I wake up every night at 3am to go the toilet and often can't get back to sleep until at least 5am... awful!! And poor Juan has to lay there listening to me toss and turn in pain while asking him, "Are you awake?", wanting some company.
2) The sciatica curse has struck - talk about a 'pain in the butt' - literally! With Eadith it was excruciating, with episodes of debilitating pain that would strike randomly, especially at night. Thankfully the same debilitating pain has not hit fully in the same way, but instead I have been suffering with sever sciatic pain that is a constant pressure from the top of my bottom to just above my knee - often in BOTH legs. UGH! So part of me is relieved the pain is not as excruciating when it does occur, but instead it is a constant lighter pain that is with me all day and all night. NOT fun.

Especially since at the moment I am NESTING!!! YAY!! Finally it has happened!! The "I need to clean this place" didn't come with Tori or Eadie, but it has with this one, and I am relieved, but also feeling sore and tired from all the extra work I find myself doing!! Is this what clean people actually do all day? Heaven forbid, it is exhausting! On a happier note, apart from this morning after the lazy weekend, my house has been cleaner for longer than anyone can remember it, and I feel I am developing good habits, so lets hope they stick until after the baby is born!

Meanwhile, we also got her "room" all sorted out. I feel kind of sorry for this new little addition, as we really don't have  a lot of options as to where to put her. There are two rooms to choose from in our two-bedroom townhouse, and the girls are in the huge master room while Juan and I have put ourselves in the smaller one so they girls can have room to play. We fit in there comfortably enough, but where were we going to put the new baby?? We decided to put the 'family' cradle on our low chest of drawers and bring in an old shelf to put her things on. Although it has fit in quite perfectly and without moving any of our furniture, a part of me feels bad that we have given our new daughter such a make-shift little, well, corner! So I added some cute touches like a baby-themed border sticker, a plant, and some pretty frames I didn't know where else to put. I am happy enough with the result and, although Juan argues "she's not going to know the difference", I feel confident the little corner we have made for her will be to her (and my) satisfaction. :-) This is it:

Quaint, but made with love..  When she is older we will move her into the girl's room where there is a lot more space. But for now, this little corner will be her special spot.

Speaking of her special spot my belly is, compared to my other pregnancies, what I see as HUGE. Everyone else thinks I am 'so small!", but I feel heavy and even, dare I say it, low. I wonder if she will maybe come early? I am hoping she will as my parents are coming over from America about a week before she is due, so if she is a couple of weeks overdue there is a chance she will not even be born before they have to go home! So I hope for everyone's sake that she comes sooner rather than later. 'Til then, we will keep you posted! :-)

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  1. I am glad she got her little corner, being a youngest child I am always an advocate for remembering each child in their own special way ;0)
    Can't wait to meet her!