Friday, February 11, 2011

The Secret of My Success

I've noticed something over the past few months. Part of me finds it disturbing, while another side of me feels frustrated, even betrayed. But, honestly there is also a small part of me that secretly triumphs in what is occurring, despite it also being a massive insult.

I am referring once again to my knack of killing plants. No matter how hard I try or what I do I just cannot seem to help them flourish... ... ...or can I? I think I have discovered the answer... the secret to growing success!!

Could it be true? Check out these pics!

This passion fruit vine is growing in our backyard! Well, a better description would be that this passion fruit plant is OVERTAKING our backyard. That's right, in MY backyard!

This is the incredible story... When we first moved into this house just over three years ago, an old lady friend from our old address gave me the vine which was then about 15cm high, which she had planted in this large pot. "It will need to be planted into the ground at your new place, and you should have fruit in two years", she said. Two years?! Was she kidding? This thing would be lucky to last two months in my care!!  Of course I didn't tell her this.

You will notice that there is almost no dirt in the pot whatsoever. This is due to the girls using it to make mud cakes, water getting into it and overflowing which then I would tip out and the soil has come out with the water, etc, etc, etc. Basically, there is about 10cm of old, ugly dirt in the bottom of that large, cheap 35cm high plastic pot.

So I put it in the backyard convinced it would NEVER grow into anything. I put it aside and forgot about it. I even had a plan to throw it out with the council pickup because I was sick of it lying around. But alas, it has been sitting in this corner for three years and I have not moved it once. I have not watered it, nor repotted or fertilised it. To me, it was always a lost cause.
So how did it turn into THIS?? We can hardly control the thing! How did it happen? Passion fruit hanging from every vine; green vibrant leaves as far as the eye can see! Beautiful passion fruit flowers growing here and there, I just don't understand.

And what's more, in the same backyard within four metres of this flourishing vine sits the continually growing collection of sad pot plants I had once put so much faith and energy into growing... Each one planted with such care, love, hope, and money! 

How depressing..... 
But check this out .. Remember the pretty flowers we planted about a year ago at our front porch? Juan dug out the old plants and I bought new ones and put them in the ground. For a short while we fertilised and took notice of how well they were doing. And then I kind of noticed they were doing so well on their own, I didn't feel I had to do much with them. About once a week I take a look under the flowers and pull out any weeks that might be sneaking in. Meanwhile, the girls always pick the flowers off and tread in and out of the dirt each time we step out the front door. But my negligence once again has proved the be the reason for its success because LOOK AT THIS!

Two words: WHAT THE--? How did that happen!? Even my brother commented the other day about how good our flowers look. I was so happy at the comment, no one had ever said that to me about something I had grown before...

The tree in this pic has also had an interesting life... when we first moved in it was was a small collection of leaves less than 1m high. When Juan dug out the old plants he actually removed most of the plant and only left one small little plant that we thought would add some variety amidst the flowers. Before we know it, we have a flourishing green, large plant of 2m in height and still growing! Don't ask me how it happened, but somehow it too, just grew and grew without any special attention.

I don't know what else to say. The pictures speak for themselves.... All I know is this:
Every plant I have tried to keep alive I have killed... and every plant I have left to fend for itself, even to the point of neglect, has flourished... I don't know what this says about me, but if this is the secret to how I grow a successful garden in the future, then as long as I don't touch a thing, I could potentially have the best garden in the street! 

Maybe I should leave my remaining basil on the windowsill alone and it will somehow survive... hmm.... it's worth a shot...?

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