Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tori's BIG Accomplishment!

A couple of weeks ago Vettoria was selected to say the talk for Primary Junior Sharing Time. She was so excited, and we discussed her topic and what she wanted to say all week. She was naturally enthusiastic about it, so I was sure never to ask her whether she was scared or nervous, as I didn't want to introduce those words into her confident little mind. Then, on Saturday night we had a mini FHE to go over exactly what she would say and to wrote it out on paper. Juan and I decided the best method to help her remember would be to turn the words into drawings so she would not have to memorise everything.

Vettoria's topic was "The scriptures teach me about Heavenly Father's plan". So after telling us what she wanted to say, we came up with a written talk. Here it is:

The words say:
Hello everyone. I love the scriptures. I love my family. The scriptures teach me about Heavenly Father's plan. I love Eadie and my mum and dad. The scriptures teach me I can live with my family forever. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Tori wanted to practice and practice all night. She read it as her bedtime story, we made practice set ups using a hair brush as a microphone, and her table as a 'stand'. She was so excited and Juan and I were convinced she would either do it perfectly, or not at all. Ether way we really didn't mind. We just wanted her to have fun. We went to church the next day with mixed anticipation; would she read it by herself the way she said she wanted, or would she buckle under the pressure and decide she didn't want to do it after all? Time would tell.

I took my position as Primary pianist at the piano and Juan stood at the back of the room while Tori sat in the 'talk' chair at the front. Her name was then called, and Juan and I looked on eagerly. Tori walked to the small pulpit , opened her paper, looked at the children, glanced at Juan and then at me, and then looked down and began to read! She performed her talk exactly as she had practiced, and even though there wasn't a microphone that day, her voice was loud enough to be heard. She did a perfect job and I had tears in my eyes as she closed her talk and looked over and smiled her gorgeous huge smile. I clapped my hands with delight and couldn't help agreeing with every one that it was the cutest thing EVER. Juan and I were so proud, but more than this I was so excited and relieved that she had had such a good experience for her first real talk. She is such a confident person and was so looking forward to doing a performance in front of people, but her nerves could have easily gotten the better of her. They didn't, and I am so happy for her and the great job she did.

Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of the big day, but we did film her saying her talk when we got home after church, so here is a video for you all to see. Well done sweetheart, we are so super proud of you!:

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