Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tori's Gross Princess Slippers

So long ago I can't even remember when, we bought Vettoria a pair of silver sparkly 'princess' shoes that she instantly loved and wore everywhere. They were so pretty, shiny and fancy, and they actually went with everything, so I was ok with her wearing them almost every day. Sure enough, within a couple of months all the sparkly shine had worn off and within a few more months the bottoms of the shoes began to lift here and there. It was time to throw out the shoes.
So the other day when Tori went to put on her 'princess slippers' I said to her, "how about you wear your new silver shoes today? I think it's time we threw your old slippers in the rubbish". Tori stared at the shoes, then at me.
"Shoes don't go in the rubbish, mum", she said plainly, and held them up.
True, I thought. "But these shoes are not looking very good anymore. They're falling apart, see? I think it's time we got rid of them", I tried again.
"But they still fit me...see?", she said and put them on.
I decided on the spot that it was better she learn and appreciate the value of 'waste not, want not" first-hand and let her wear them.. if only for the day. And I think it helped her cause that she was only going to playgroup for a couple of hours.. but I got some pics of the shoes so you can see what I'm working with here...  Not too 'princessy' anymore, but she still feels like one when she wears them... and that's the most important thing I suppose!

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