Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tori's home-work... is MY home-work....

So a funny thing happened the other day which led to my house being cleaner today.

Yesterday Vettoria was doing her 'homework' (completing activities in her self-instituted work-book for pre-schoolers), and one activity asked her to circle the two objects that matched together. One line showed a shoe, and bucket and a mop. By a quick process of elimination she was able to determine the shoe was not part of the match. I say 'process of elimination' because I am pretty sure she would not have guessed the two matching items had the shoe not been so obvious.
"Surely not" you say. Well, let's just say the way she determined it was by saying "Mum, I have to match the bucket with... that wipey thingy...".  That's right, she didn't know what a mop was! I think this stands as solid proof that I not only suck at cleaning, but that mopping really is the bane of my existence and that I avoid it at all costs. I would rather get on my hands and knees with spray and a cloth rather than mop... 
But, in my defence, the mop I do use every now and again has a sponge on the end and the mop in her workbook was one of those horrible shaggy things. So I'm sure that that played a pretty big part... Hmm.

Needless to say, today I got out my mop and ran some hot water and mopped my floor! To my delight, Tori came in and said "What's this mess?"referring to all the chairs moved here and there. I proudly explained to her that I was doing what was called "mopping", making the floors nice and clean. She nodded in approval and left without a word, but it made me feel confident that next time she was asked what a mop was, she would know!

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