Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anabel's Baby Blessing

Believe it or not, Anabel has already had her baby blessing! As my parents were visiting from America this month we were praying that the baby would be born earlier rather than later so that, 1) they would actually be here for her birth, and 2) my dad would be able to participate in the baby blessing. Well, as she was born one day early they had a lovely 10 day visit with her before they headed home. And thankfully her Grandfather was able to stand in a circle with her Uncles Glen, Jamie and Luke, and with Daddy holding her she was named and blessed.

The blessing was held the first Sunday after she was born, when she was 4 days old. The ward let out a small gasp when the Bishop announced not only that we had actually had the baby, but also that she would be blessed that day. Very exciting! 

I felt particularly blessed that Sunday as I felt somewhat energetic and alert, despite only coming out of hospital two days before, having woken numerous times the night before, and also after having made and decorated Anabel's blessing cake only a few hours before. For months I had planned on making the blessing cake for Anabel as I had for Tori and Eadith. Why wouldn't I? Of course this was planned with the idea in mind that the blessing would be held a fortnight or a month after the actual birth. But instead of thinking of another option, I simply went on ahead and make the two tier cake and decorated it without giving it much thought. It wasn't until 9pm Saturday night as I struggled to stand with an ACHING back and milk-engorged breasts that I felt like screaming "What the heck was I thinking!?" But it was too late to back out now, so I soldiered on and picked around my cake-boxes to see what I could find to throw on the cake. I came across a letter 'A' and some cute flowers which I stuck on as quickly as I could to get the job over with. In the end I stepped back and was happy and relieved with the result.

My prayers were definitely answered and I was blessed with enough energy and good health to get me through the special day. All in all it was a beautiful blessing and following church we had a small but lovely get-together with family at my sister's house. Delicious cake, beautiful blessing, perfect baby. What more could we want? Enjoy the pics!

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