Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm 30!!

I have heard many a disappointed "I'm now thirty..." over the years as my friends and family have gradually turned the Big 3.0. But for me, turning thirty is awesome! Although my 20s were great, ever since having children I have 'felt older' than in my late 20s. So as I turn 30 I actually feel like shouting, "At last! My wrinkles and grey hair are justified!"  ;-)

Having said this, my birthday was a wonderful day, surrounded with people I love and doing things that made me happy. It started around 6.30am as usual when Eadie and Tori came running into the bedroom shouting "Mummy! Daddy!" We then felt the familiar pounding as our bodies were crushed by our little toddlers - who I might add are both not so 'little' anymore!  With us all piled on the bed Juan gave me a gift he'd held back giving me for the entire last week. I have only ever seen him more nervous giving me a gift when he proposed! He wanted this to be one I loved, and I know he had spent many hours putting it all together, so I was not only excited but very intrigued...

I opened it and was blown away! I knew he had made a book with a collection of photos from our life together. But I had never expected something so special as what he had made for me. A beautiful book filled with words and photos of our special and funny memories. I had tears in my eyes as I flipped the pages and was speechless as I looked at the effort he had gone to for me from cover to cover. It is such a special book, I love to look at it again and again. Meanwhile, Juan looks on with not only joy at how much I like it, but a noticeable amount of sheer relief at the same time.  It's so cute. :-)

The girls then gave me 'their' gifts (lovingly selected by moi!), a beautiful pair of fancy earrings (above in the pic) and a pair of gorgeous sunglasses. Juan then made my morning by adding "Oh, and did I mention I've taken the day off work?" -- Yay!! Best present of all!

After all these fantastic surprises we had a normal morning between breakfast and putting down for naps, etc, and then got ready to go out. The girls and I had had nothing too exciting planned, just grocery shopping, but after such a great morning and with Juan sharing the day with us, it became fun-filled and continued to be a special day for me, despite the monotony of it. After grocery shopping we came home and I had a sleep while Juan watched the girls and tidied the house. Now THAT'S what I call the perfect gift for a pregnant mother of two toddlers! Thank you Babe! Throughout the day I received countless texts, phone calls and online messages from dozens of family and friends wishing me well, and it was so beautiful to feel of their love and kind words. It really made me feel special and reminded me of what a blessed life I have been given.

That night Juan and the girls sung me Happy Birthday while we munched on delicious hamburgers - mine even had a candle on top! And that was about the time the contractions started... painful, long and regular. they were so painful I had to go and lie down! Could it really happen tonight??? Just when I thought I might have to actually think about going to the hospital, they began slowing down and within an hour they had stopped altogether. Whoah! It was very unexpected but also very exciting at the same time.

The night of my birthday we also had a friend of Juan's from PNG come and stay with us so she could then attend the temple the next day - but that's another post!

The next night my great friend Kara took me out for a girls night at a local cafe for desert. I ate my first ever creme brulee and it was so delicious I have actually been telling people about it! I can't believe I lived in France for a year and a half and never had one. Well, I will certainly make sure I make up for it from now on! It was a fun night and such a nice relief to sit down with such a delicious desert and not have to share it with toddlers crawling all over me- thank you Kara!

Thanks to my beautiful family and great friends, I had a wonderful 30th birthday. It was filled with special gifts, happy moments, and the favorite people in my life. What more could I ask for? :-)  Thirty is looking good so far! Happy Birthday to me! xx