Friday, April 22, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Dates

About 2 weeks ago Juan took Tori on her first Daddy-Daughter Date. Tori was so excited when Juan 'asked her out' she set about getting ready, putting on her clothes, brushing her hair, and basically exciting herself no end. I remember going on Daddy-Daughter Dates with my dad as a young girl and I was so excited to begin the tradition with our girls.

While Daddy went out with Tori, Eadie and I stayed home and had some of our own one-on-one time together. First we played with puzzles, then watched a DVD while we ate lunch. During the puzzles I asked Eadie if she would like me to make her some lunch and even though I knew she was probably hungry she said "no, I wanna play puzzles with you mum". It was so sweet and really hit home to me how much my children love spending time with me, even if it's just sitting down and handing them puzzle pieces. During the movie I had my arm around her and she leaned into me as we sat on the couch, and every 10 minutes or so she would look up at me and give me a huge grin that just said it all.

A couple of hours later, Juan and Tori came home and Tori was filled with stories of their - and I quote - "great deete!" First they went to the shops and much to Tori's pleasure (and Juan's new-found patience) they went shopping. Tori scored by walking away with a new cash register to play shops at home with Eadie, much to her delight. Daddy then watched on as Tori played on the shop playground , and after that they went and had a special ice-cream at Cold Rock, Tori's favorite ice-cream shop. What a day! She was so excited, and I could tell she absolutely adored the time one-on-one with her dad.

As for private time with Anabel, I feel I get many wonderful opportunities to share special moments with her. When the older girls are watching TV or playing in their room I will often sneak a few moments to just lay on the bed and play with my youngest daughter. She is so quick to smile and loves lots of cuddles and snuggles. Just being with her and having her in my arms makes me smile and laugh as we get to know eachother.

Making time for each child can prove to be a tricky and even complicated ordeal. The girls tell me in different ways when they want my undivided attention and all too often I am just unable to give it to them when they want it. Tori will literally walk over to me and put her arms around my neck and say "I love you mama", while Eadie will come to me arms outstretched wanting to be picked up. It breaks my heart when I can't pick them up or hug them back for one reason or another, so I really feel it is important to make the time to do it. So hopefully our little dates are one way we can make them feel like the special little angels they are.

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