Friday, April 29, 2011

Hanging with Nanna G

I thought it was about time the girls got to know their oldest living relative, so today we visited Great Grandma Gleeson's house - what a fun time! They loved playing in her front yard, an entire courtyard filled with exciting pebbles and rocks to pickup and play with. It never ceases to amaze me how much they love that simple activity... We then looked at her vegetable patch where we picked corn from huge stalks. They grew a lot bigger than the ones mummy had in the backyard, that's for sure!

Nanna and I caught up in the process, and she got to know her newest great grandchild a little better. She had even made the girls an adorable paper dog with movable body parts. She said it was the kind of toy she taught her kids how to make when they were their ages.

The girls loved it, so Nanna set to work making another one. Tori and Eadie loved learning how to make the new toys. And we now have two new additions to our play-time; Tori's girl dog named Kelly, and Eadie's boy puppy, Tommy. Thanks Nan!

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