Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Mini-Me Emerging...

This is random but I just have to throw it in for memory's sake..

While over at los abuelos yesterday (Saturday) I was watching Vettoria play in the backyard with a ball. The sun was shining and she was laughing freely. All of a sudden as I watched her, I saw it.. something I had never seen before, but had always longed for.... I saw me. In her gorgeous little face I saw a glimpse of myself. I don't know what it was exactly, but the shape of her face, the way she smiled, and the color of her hair all combined to make my heart skip multiple beats as I sat there watching her. I had never experienced anything like it, watching her and seeing myself in her just made my heart sing!

How do other people do it? It must be a constant rush to see themselves in their children as so many parents do, for example Alisha and Glen with their carbon-copy offspring. They must see themselves in their kids all day every day - how exciting! I guess you just get used to it though... but for me, it has been a totally thrilling experience.

But the weird thing is that the moment was only that - a moment. The experience only lasted about five minutes. I was distracted and then when I looked back at her again I couldn't see it. As weird as that sounds, it's annoyingly true. I look on her now and see only Tori, my beautiful little girl... and of course her dad.. humph... But, for a moment I was there too... After almost four years of waiting I could finally see beyond the tanned Latina signorita and caught a glimpse of the freckly little white kid I know is in there somewhere...


  1. I'm your new follower! I've always loved reading your blog. I'm glad you got to see a little of you in Tori. I've always seen it, especially in Eadie- I just can't put my finger on it! I think it's when they smile?!

  2. Wow, you see me in Eadie? I havent heard that at all! Thank you! Oh, and welcome to the blog, happy reading! :-)