Friday, April 29, 2011

"...more of you to love, my dear...."

Anabel - 2 weeks old
When Tori turned five months we were shocked at how much weight she had put on in such a short amount of time. She was quickly becoming a little Buddha and she surprised everyone who met her... and then Eadie shocked us all even further with her further dramatic display of weight-gain as she gained 20lbs in only 6 months. We watched her actually get bigger each new day, it was just extraordinary.. 

And now there is Anabel.

She was our biggest born baby, weighing 7lbs (3.1kg). Over this past week I noticed that her newborn nappies were leaking more and more, and I definitely noticed that I was dressing her in larger and larger clothes all the time; Clothes I had stored away because I was certain she wouldn't be wearing them for at least three months.

When I bought her new "infant" nappies (as opposed to 'newborns') and finally stopped the leaking, I was surprised to see on the outside of the pack that they were for babies 10lb and larger. Surely not! Had she really put on 3.5lbs in only 6 weeks? Well, today we went to the doctor. I placed her on the scales, and had to get the doctor to check the exact measurement, as I wasn't sure I was reading it correctly.

"She's five and a half kilos" the doctor said. How much was that, I wondered, as I have always measured my babies in pounds. I quickly did the calculation... could that be right? We both checked again... She is 12.5lbs!!  What the -?? Wow! The doctor was very impressed, but funnily enough not very surprised given my history. Also,  it confirmed to me that it doesn't matter whether I feed my babies formula or breast milk, I simply grow 'em BIG! 

In only 6 weeks Anabel has managed to put on a staggering 5.5lbs... Wow! I thought my arms were just getting weaker, but as I carry her from place to place it's a relief to know otherwise! So I guess all that is left to do is say... "Well done baby!" and then take a look at these adorable pics!:

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

6 weeks old

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