Friday, April 22, 2011

"Why you little...!!"

You can imagine my horror when I walk into the lounge room to see THIS on my couch:

As I ran towards the mess I could only scream one word - "NOOO!!!!!" like some dramatic death scene in a movie. I instantly knew who was to blame, which lead me quickly to my second word - "EADIE!!!!"

In all my efforts to keep my things away from the toddlers, all it takes is ONE moment of weakness.... just saying five words to yourself, "I'll put that away later" is the difference between feeling perfectly fine, and screaming aloud while wanting to pull your hair out. In this case it was my favorite lipsticks, eye-liners and bronzers. Lipsticks squashed, eyeliners broken, compacts smashed to pieces... So sad.. So frustrating... so what more was there to do but shake my head, learn my lesson, and take a photo of the little ratbag? Have a laugh... that's what I force myself to do.....

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