Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"I'm back in the saddle again"

Last week was my first day back at the gym. Very exciting! Tori and Eadie took to it like pros, walking straight into the child care room, said "hello" to the staff, and instantly began playing. Even first-timer Anabel let the staff pick her up and hold her while I was still in the room -- what a relief!! Hopefully the process of settling her in will not be as strenuous as it was for the first two!

Meanwhile, my experience was quite similar. It felt comfortable to be back and I was excited to try new things as well as those I already love. But I also knew I had to start off slow. I first started with a consultation and was surprised to note that I only have about 6kg to go before I am back to pre-baby weight. But I'm actually more concerned about toning rather than weight-loss. I've grown quite fond of my new curves, even though I don't fit into half my clothes. For the first time in my life I feel a fullness I've never had. I think they call it "voluptuous", and I'm liking it! Thanks to breastfeeding I haven't been this "full" up top since before Vettoria was born. Having said this, I also haven't been this big around the middle either, and I've got the stretch marks to prove it. UGH, what having children have done to my poor body... This old grey mare ain't what she used to be!

So my goal now is to tone-up rather than slim-down. I've learned over the years that it's easy to get skinny but with that I also look gaunt and lose elastin in my skin. And this causes wrinkles, and unfortunately I have enough of them already so I'm making an effort to prevent any more! I know its futile as I am now 30 with three kids and looking older is inevitable, but dang it I will still try!

So for my first day back I got a Personal Trainer to show me some machines which would help tone me up. And then I went on the treadmill.. Ah... it felt so good to be back. I began jogging and was aware that this was the first time I had run for months and months. So I started off slow on 7km p/hour instead of the usual 10km.  But within the first minute I needed more, and couldn't resist pumping it up a bit.. so I rebelled against my plans and pushed myself up to 8.5km p/hour. Felt so good! But, I didnt' want to push myself too hard, so I only ran for 1km. Even though I feel I could have kept running, I was feeling the strain of my unfamiliar and unfit body, so I know I have a way to go before I can enter any races or aim for the usual 10km p/hour. But, I'll get back there again and I'm looking forward to going in more events. There is a city marathon coming up in August or just after, so I might see about entering a 5km or 10km race then. Yay!

Meanwhile, when I started this post I had gone to the gym once and had all intents to return at least 3 times a week. But the girls became sick, and we have been pretty  much house ridden for the last five days. I've got the sniffles too, so I'm waiting it out before I head back.. anyway, will keep you posted!

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