Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mummy & Daddy Spit the Dummy....

So last night Juan and I were sitting innocently on the couch watching the telly. Anabel was quietly fidgeting in her bouncer chewing at her hand, as she has countless times since she was born. I noticed she was a 'sucker' within the first two days of her birth, and her pepe (dummy/pacifier) has proved to be a great comfort to her in the middle of the night or on car rides. But she has always gnarled on her fingers despite having the pepe at hand (no pun intended).

So you can imagine our horror as we listed to her gnarl away this particular night and Juan noticed that it was like she was "...trying to find her thumb or something". As we have only raised 'pepe-suckers' to this point, this new form of self-comfort was foreign to us. Unbeknown to her, her little thumb was hidden amongst her other fingers, so she couldn't quite get a grip and get it in her mouth. It was so cute to watch until she suddenly stopped fussing and we could see exactly why. Notice anything?????

She found her finger! "NOOOO!"

As cute as it is, this photo terrifies us. We don't want a thumb sucker! At least you can throw a pepe in the rubbish bin! You can't do that with a finger! As soon as she had that finger in her mouth she was asleep, as still and quiet as can be, her pepe spat out infront of her. So, naturally in the most gentle way we could we pulled her finger out of her mouth and were relieved to see she didn't start to cry. But we think the damage has been done. I saw her searching her hand again today while she was settling for her nap, so I quickly got the pepe and put it in its place... But we'll see how long that lasts... I'll keep you posted.

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