Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who loves Public Holidays?? We do!!

Australia is awesome for MANY reasons, but one reason I just LOVE is the fact that we have heaps of public holidays throughout the year, which means Juan gets days off work and we can spend time together doing fun things. This year's Labor Day was no exception, and we decided to hit Southbank for some family fun. I was so surprised by how busy it was, but who could blame it, the weather was absolutely perfect!

I confess I did something I NEVER thought I would ever do... I left the house with my toddlers dressed like twins!! I'm embarrassed to even type it out! It's just that I knew I wanted to take pics of the girls and so I wanted them to 'blend' with each other. So I dressed one, then found 'similar' colored clothes for the other, and before I knew it I was looking at two little girls dressed in denim skirts, pink tights and light pink tops.... oops. As embarrassed as I was even in my own presence, I couldn't be bothered changing them so I just let it happen. It got worse when they both wanted to wear their matching gumboots, but by that time all pride had gone out the window and I let that happen too. But as conscious as I was about it as they walked along, it made me smile when someone said how adorable they looked... Why thank you, I dressed them myself... ;-)

We strolled throughout the park and along the river, stopping to let the girls play on the toys along the way. We then finished off our stroll with our fave ice cream and then headed home for dinner and bed. What a great day!

It never ceases to amaze me how much I love being with my family. Just walking around and hanging out fills me with such joy and contentment! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by my loving children and husband. Meanwhile, we snapped some pics throughout the day-- enjoy!

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