Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hilarious Conversation

Tori and Eadie were talking at the table while playing with toys and sure enough it soon turned into an argument. I was doing the dishes and wasn't paying too much attention. Eadie suddenly came up to me and said in usual Eadie fashion, "Tori said 'no', me!" which translates into "Tori said 'no' to me!". I replied "well don't tell me, go and talk to Tori about it." She walked back to Tori and said "Tori, I'n hungry..." to which Tori replied "Don't tell me about it, go tell mummy!" Eadie then walked back to me and said again, "Mum, Tori said 'no', me 'gain!" at which point Vettoria rolled her eyes and I cracked up laughing. Classic Eadie McGreedy. :-)

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