Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time flies.....

Tori is so excited about her fourth birthday, preparations have already began! It is three weeks away, so we printed off some invites and Tori was so excited to put them into her friends' letter boxes. This year she has chosen a Princess theme and has requested a castle cake. I've already spent hours thinking about it and how I am going to make it. It will definitely be my biggest cake project to date, so I am actually feeling quite nervous about it - but also totally excited about attempting such a big project. I'll be starting to make different fondant pieces in the next week with the hope that I wont be up until 2am the night before! I have suggested different ideas but she has her own vision of what she would like; it has to be pink and it must have glitter on the tower spires... Other than that, I have pretty much free reign. Well, ok then! Apart from that, so far we have a pinata and a location - it's at Alisha's place, which is big enough to hold all the friends and family Tori would like to invite. It's exciting to be planning a little girl's birthday rather than one for a toddler. It is bringing back ideas and memories from parties I have been to and had since I was that small. But at the same time it is new territory! Meanwhile I have a few ideas for games and decorations so I hope it will all come together on the day and that it will be exciting and memorable for her. Til then, I'll keep you posted!!

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