Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yeah, I got it, thanks....

The girls are cracking me up lately, every day I call Juan at work just to tell him something hilarious the girls' have done or said. Today it happened just after breakfast, around 9am.
We have started a fun little game where they come to the kitchen counter and I stand on the other side of it. I'm the shop-keeper and they are the customer and I sell them a lollie-pop from our lollie jar. Today Eadie came to the counter and tried her luck with 'buying' a lollie-pop at such an early hour.
"Hello mummy", she said in her best customer voice. "I would like a lollie-pop please."
"Oh I'm sorry, it's too early so the shop isn't open yet" I said in my shop-keeper voice. Eadie was disappointed, but Vettoria was standing nearby and she then conveniently piped up with "That's ok mum, I have a key!" tilting her head to the side and smiling her sly smile. Eadie got excited again, so I said, "Oh you do do you? Yeah well, it's still too early girls", half laughing.
"Mum..." said Tori, "It's just pretend...."

Thanks Tori, I almost forgot the rules! ;-)

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