Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm still laughing!

Me: OK, off we go girls! 
Eadie: We go to Rabbits mum?
Me: (confused) Where?
Eadie: Rabbits. We go to Rabbits? 
Me: What's Rabbits?
Tori: She means Bunnings, mum.
Me: Yes Eadie, we're going to Rabbits. :-) 

Every time I think about it, I laugh.. Honestly I don't know where she gets it..... hee hee ;-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Face Painting Fanatics

My girls love to have their faces painted. We recently went to a Baby and Children's Expo in the city and I made the mistake of telling the girls that we could get their faces painted again at one of the booths, just like we did the year before. But to my horror we couldn't find one! So the whole time there was a complete disappointment for the girls as we looked from booth to booth for the face painters, to no avail. Even seeing Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword from The Wiggles did little to boost their spirits.. So in order to keep the peace I promised them I would paint their faces when we got home. Sure enough, despite naps, shops and other conversations, in traditional toddler fashion they reminded me as soon as we walked into the house that they would like their faces painted. Ok, ok!
They loved it. And I admit, I like doing it too :-)  They wanted to be "Princesses" this particular day, and this is how they turned out... please be advised, Eadie chose the butterfly and sun as her "princess" look...

Guess Who's a Big Girl Eater?

Our baby is growing so fast I can hardly keep up with her... look at these pics, eating already! About a week before she turned 4 months I tried her with farax (crushed rice) to see if it would help her sleep through the night easier. She wasn't a fan, and there was a lot of scrunched up faces and spitting involved. So cute :-)  ..So I persisted a couple of nights later and noticed there were not as many sour faces, although the spitting was still there, of course. I also tried some pureed fruit during the week which produced hilarious results of adorable faces.

Then, about a week later I decided to try again with some mashed potato. To my delight when I walked over to her with the small bowl her eyes lit up and I could see that she was excited! It was a relief when there were less sour faces and a lot less spitting - yay!

So, it has been about a week now and I have been feeding her every day. I started once a day in the evenings, but over the past couple of days she has been giving me signs as we sit and eat our breakfast and lunch that she would like some food too. It's been such a surprise, as none of my babies have been so eager to start eating! So, now I feed her three times a day, and she even loves a rusk stick every now and again for a bit of fun. What an eater! And she looks so cute as she does it! Check out these pics of our gorgeous sweetheart:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ToRi!!

So, another birthday has come and gone.. but this was definitely the biggest yet! It was the first time I had had to entertain about 20 kids between the ages of 2 and 10, so I felt the challenge!! It felt quite odd that for the first time in my life I actually wrapped a pass-the-parcel -- is that weird?

So the day started off with me sprinting out of bed running down the stairs screaming, "why didn't you wake me?!" to Juan who was giving the girls breakfast. "I thought you would like to sleep-in" he said. "Not when we are meant to be at Alisha's to set up for the party in 20 minutes!" "It's only 8 O'clock, the party is not til 11am, why rush?" That's when I reminded him AGAIN that it started at 10am!!! So we frantically ran around and got ourselves ready, got all the party preparations, decorations, cake, food, drinks etc all together as well as putting Tori in her Princess outfit and getting the baby and Eadie ready, which all took a lot longer than we had planned. Unfortunately we didn't arrive at Alisha's place until after 9am which gave us less than an hour before people would be arriving. What a mess!! Having said this, I think Emilie, Thomas and Mitchell loved being my party helpers getting everything ready as fast as they could. Thank you guys!

As for the party, it started on time and before I knew it there were about 20 kids and their parents ready to be entertained. Yikes!! But, it was a lot of fun, despite the endless running back and forth from the kitchen making sure there was enough food, etc. Despite the craziness of it, it was enjoyable and Tori had a great time jumping on the trampoline and making crown cookies, which were a huge success and the highlight of the day I am happy to say! This was a great relief, because my kitchen seriously looked like a cookie farm the night before. Juan walked in from a meeting, saw the cookies everywhere and his first words were "Gee, you sure you have enough cookies?". There were literally piles of them... Check this out:
And there were more in the oven!! All up, I made (AND ICED!) 50 cookies which spelt VETTORIA, and another 25 crown shaped cookies for the kids to decorate. So many!!! But it was totally worth it. Check out these happy kids decorating their cookies!!


We also played Pass-the-Parcel which was also a success, despite the fact that I had to used the 'backup' parcel because I lost the proper one in the rush. After games we cut the cake, which I might add, I was totally happy with! I worked on bits and pieces of it throughout the week leading up to it and then dedicated Thursday and Friday nights to finishing it off. Even after all my preparations during the week getting it ready to put together you can imagine my HORROR as I'm putting it all together and it is literally crumbling before my eyes!! Juan sat there beside me boggle-eyed, mouth gaping as my turrets fell apart with every touch! BUT, I kept my cool (something I never would have done when I started decorating cakes 4 years ago!) and I managed to disguise the crumbly pieces and ignore the cracks to the point where I was very happy with the final result. And I am pleased to say that Tori was totally happy with the color pink, and most of all, the glittery sparkly spires- yay! Mission accomplished!!  So, here it is:
 After cutting the cake the kids had fun bashing the castle pinata, which was as fun as it was funny.
 As well as all that the kids went on a treasure hunt, jumped on the trampoline and basically ran around like maniacs. It was fun! I learned a lot about what to do (have lots of games and some creative activities) and what NOT to do (leave decorating and setting up to only 45 minutes). One thing I can't wait for though is to have a party in my own home! What a relief it will be when we have a house big enough to invite everyone we want and I wont have to transport everything there and back! Ahh... the thought of it makes me smile.... :-)

Tori walked away with piles and piles of awesome presents, we really do have loving and generous friends- thank you all so much. So until the next party here are some pics to remind us of the fun! HaPpY 4th BiRtHdAy Beautiful girl!