Thursday, July 21, 2011

Face Painting Fanatics

My girls love to have their faces painted. We recently went to a Baby and Children's Expo in the city and I made the mistake of telling the girls that we could get their faces painted again at one of the booths, just like we did the year before. But to my horror we couldn't find one! So the whole time there was a complete disappointment for the girls as we looked from booth to booth for the face painters, to no avail. Even seeing Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword from The Wiggles did little to boost their spirits.. So in order to keep the peace I promised them I would paint their faces when we got home. Sure enough, despite naps, shops and other conversations, in traditional toddler fashion they reminded me as soon as we walked into the house that they would like their faces painted. Ok, ok!
They loved it. And I admit, I like doing it too :-)  They wanted to be "Princesses" this particular day, and this is how they turned out... please be advised, Eadie chose the butterfly and sun as her "princess" look...

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