Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guess Who's a Big Girl Eater?

Our baby is growing so fast I can hardly keep up with her... look at these pics, eating already! About a week before she turned 4 months I tried her with farax (crushed rice) to see if it would help her sleep through the night easier. She wasn't a fan, and there was a lot of scrunched up faces and spitting involved. So cute :-)  ..So I persisted a couple of nights later and noticed there were not as many sour faces, although the spitting was still there, of course. I also tried some pureed fruit during the week which produced hilarious results of adorable faces.

Then, about a week later I decided to try again with some mashed potato. To my delight when I walked over to her with the small bowl her eyes lit up and I could see that she was excited! It was a relief when there were less sour faces and a lot less spitting - yay!

So, it has been about a week now and I have been feeding her every day. I started once a day in the evenings, but over the past couple of days she has been giving me signs as we sit and eat our breakfast and lunch that she would like some food too. It's been such a surprise, as none of my babies have been so eager to start eating! So, now I feed her three times a day, and she even loves a rusk stick every now and again for a bit of fun. What an eater! And she looks so cute as she does it! Check out these pics of our gorgeous sweetheart:

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