Sunday, August 7, 2011

Juan Turns the BIG Three-One!

The Birthday Boy looking a little under the weather on his big day
 Juan's birthday was about a week ago and, even though he thinks it is a waste of space writing about it because nothing much happened, I wanted to make mention of it anyway, as he is the patriarch of the home after all ;-)

We made the plan a few weeks before to go to a steak restaurant and have a lovely lunch together as a family. I was so excited about the big day and was tossing up whether to have the waiters sing to totally humiliate him or not... decisions, decisions! (He promised that if I ever did that to him, he would stand up and walk away leaving me sitting there being sang to in the middle of the restaurant; something nobody ever does to me! So that image may have had something to do with my decision to NOT go through with it....). We were then going to go to the drive-in that night and see two movies that we both really wanted to see - what a great day!
So you can imagine our disappointment when, that morning Juan was still coughing terribly. To his male disdain I called the doctor and made him an apt. So instead of eating steak over lunch we were instead sitting in a doctors' waiting room and then purchasing bronchitis medicine. We did however get pizza a little later, even though Juan was too sick to really enjoy it. And then in the evening instead of going to the drive-in, we ended up sitting in our lounge with a couple more pizzas (at the birthday boy's request I might add). So, the day didn't turn out exactly as we had planned, but it was still nice to be together anyway. And Juan loved his present which was a framed professional pic of me and the girls to put on his desk at his new job. We love you!


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