Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Made for ME

This is incredible - this NEVER happens to me.

We were at the shops looking for a light for the lounge room. And even though we had decided on one we loved, we continued looking at others for some reason. I saw another one I loved and noticed that the name of the light was called the "Chelsea". 'How cool is that?' I thought. 'To have a light named after a friend of mine, wow! That would never happen with my name...'

Looking, looking... suddenly - "Juan! How cool is that light? I love it!" I exclaimed. "Which one? That one there?" he liked it too. We found the box which had its details on it, and you can imagine our shock and delight when we look down and see that the light is called the "Rani" !! Whoah! Both of us were so shocked we just HAD to buy it and it now is hanging above out bed. It looks as awesome as a light called 'Rani' should. :-)

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