Friday, August 19, 2011

Profile of a Princess

Name: Vettoria Nicolle Montes
Age: 4 years, 1 month
Favorite Dinner: Chicken Stroganof Pizza
Favorite Sweet Food: Ice-Cream and Yoghurts
Favorite Take-Away: Subway
Favorite Movie: Tangled
Favorite Music: Walt Disney Soundtracks
Favorite Subjects: Spelling and Maths
Wake-Up Time: apx. 6.30-7am
Favorite Drink: Water
Best Friend: Ivy
Favorite Color: Pink
Favotite Outfit: Any pretty dress with sparkly shoes, a flower headband and necklaces - and a touch of lip-gloss.
Tori is very good at:
- Memorizing words to songs, movies, and books
- Singing
- Acting out her favorite characters like Rapunzel and Ariel
- Speaking Spanish with an excellent accent
- Holding Anabel when mummy needs her help
- Mixing cake batter in the bowl
- Playing the piano (she learned 'Mary had a little lamb' in a couple of hours!)
- Kicking soccer balls into the goal
- Writing all the letters of the alphabet
- Conducting Family Home Evening
- Preparing and giving talks in Primary
Tori is looking forward to:
- Going to 'big girl school' next year (Kindergarten)
- Doing a talk and singing in the Sacrament Primary Presentation
Tori loves to:
- Play 'shops' and 'order' cookies and lollies from shop-keeper mummy
- Put on 'the show' where she takes on a character and mummy or daddy say "Introducing Tori Montes!" and she walks in to the room and then they interview her
- Play at the park
- Paint and do crafts with glue and scissors
- Help mummy cut out cookies and decorate them with icing
- Swim in pools and at the beach
- Watch movies and play on the computer
Tori's Ideal Day Would Be:
In the morning go to South Bank to play on the toys, followed by swimming in the pools for a couple of hours and then building sand-castles. She would then love to go on a Citycat boat ride along the river, followed by falling asleep in the car on the way home. Once home she would play the computer and help mummy make cookies. While they were cooking in the oven she would do lots of painting and arts and crafts. This would then be followed by a bath with Eadie after which she would come downstairs and read some books, doing come coloring-in while watching t.v before dinner. After dinner she would love to conduct Family Home Evening and then do an activity in the Friend Magazine before heading to bed and reading a fun book from the library, say her prayers, and fall asleep in mummy and daddy's bed.

Vettoria is, in a nutshell, a delightful little girl. She is smart and inquisitive, and she loves to have fun. She likes playing outdoors and getting dirty, but also loves playing inside doing quiet activities. She sometimes likes to play by herself, drawing and coloring or just sitting and reading a book. But she also loves to play with Eadie, especially when they play characters from their favorite movie.

But sometimes Tori isn't in the mood for games and 'fun'. Sometimes she just wants to be by herself and have a little peace and quiet. This can get frustrating for Eadie, and hence Vettoria! Tori is very responsible and will even try to 'mother' Eadie to encourage her to do the right thing. She will get upset if Eadie is rebelling and not doing what mummy wants her to do and sometimes gets frustrated when others don't do what she wants them to do. At church Tori loves her Primary class. But sometimes she doesn't feel like participating, and would prefer to sit back and watch. But when she is asked to do a talk or a prayer, she always stands up and does an awesome job!  She is a little girl who loves to please others, especially her mum.  She goes out of her way to do things she knows is right, and likes to make sure mummy sees and hears about it. She loves playing games with daddy, especially jumping on him and playing soccer with him. She is very competitive and will try to compete in anything and everything! Just walking up the stairs, putting on her PJs, or finishing her dinner often turns into a competition to see who can do it the fastest. Even doing a drawing or making an art project is compared to those of others around her. This has its good and bad sides.. good because she is driven to be the best she can be, and not so good because everyone around her has to be the 'loser' or she is upset... much to her sister's and parents' dismay..

She is so excited to start kindergarten next year and asks every day whether it's time for her to start Big Girl School, yet. She loves everything to do with music, writing and numbers; mummy says she is 'like a sponge'. Her memory is incredible and she loves to enhance it with new knowledge. She also likes to use it to memorize entire dialogue in movies. She knows a large variety of movies word-for-word and acts them out without being prompted. She also has entire CDs memorized in both English and Spanish! She is quick to apologise, and quick to forgive, and loves to tell mummy and daddy that she loves them.
When Tori grows up she would make an excellent:
Dad's guess: Teacher
Mum's guess: News reporter (actually 'teacher' is probably more accurate... ;-)
We love you, our beautiful big girl!

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  1. What a good idea to do a little profile! She will love reading this when she's older. x