Wednesday, August 3, 2011

That time of the year.....

The past couple of weeks have been a great big blur. I mean this in every sense of the word. Yesterday I even had to ask Cassandra whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday - I honeslty had NO idea! So much  has been happening and yet we have not left the house in days. This is why:

1) Juan left Ausenco, the engineering firm he has worked at for the past 4 years. This was a big step for him and for us, as we  decided to go for a contract position. This means he wont be classified as a full-time employee with full-time wages. Instead he is contracted as an independant Electrical Designer employed through a recruitment agency and paid per hour. The new company is called Oricon and a part of the company is one he worked for when we were first married five years ago (Connell Wagner), so he was happy to see a couple of familiar faces on his first day. We opted to go through the recruitment agency as they automatically take care of all superannuation, tax, HECS, and liability insurance, which saves us a lot of hassle as first time contractors. However we might look at going independent in six months time when we have the option.

The poor guy was sick as a dog the last week at Ausenco, and you can imagine how embarrassed he was as he used some of his remaining sick days to get over bronchitis so that he would be well enough to start the new job the following week. On his last two days at Ausenco he quickly got used to teasing sarcastic comments like "So, using up all your sick days before leaving huh?" and "Yeah, sure you were sick, we believe you!" My poor husband is the type of man who likes to make and leave good impressions, and be honest in his dealings wherever he is, so on his last three days he made sure their assumptions were met with just enough coughing and nose blowing to let people see he was not lying... hehe, what a cutie :-)

2) Meanwhile, stuck at home the girls and I were facing our own challenges! Tori, Eadie and I had all developed our own version of what Juan had, and it was really taking its toll. It seems Anabel is the only one who wasn't sick that week (thank heavens she has been an angel, what a relief for me!)  There was one day in particular when every one of us were laying in our PJs on their own couch covered in doonas, eyes half closed, sipping our medicine as we watched DVD after DVD. I had never seen the girls so still for such as long period of time. I only wish I had been awake enough to appreciate it... So you can imagine my relief when Alisha came around to go to the shops for me. Thank you Aunty Alisha!

It is now a couple of days later and we are gradually feeling better. Now my job is official Nose-Wiper and Boredom Controller. But, things are looking up -  it's off to the shops today for the first time in over a week, so its sure to be a fun trip carrying tired little legs, wiping snotty noses and pushing a double stroller, all at the same time..... Lucky mummy! ;-)

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  1. It sucks when the kids are sick, but it's even worse when you're sick too! Glad everyone is a little better. Is Juan still studying? Hope he is enjoying his new contracting position and what a slacker for taking the sick days...just kidding Juan ;)