Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Up to her old tricks...

So I am at a loss with what to do about my second daughter. Yes, Eadith Indiana.
Wait, I'm having a deja vu moment right now... I think I've written this post before... Yes, I remember. The one about Eadie hitting and pushing... That's right, I was at a loss then, too... Hmm... Well, the pushing hasn't come to a complete stop, so I guess I'm not expecting this one to either. But for memories sake I'll add this in so when she is older I have examples to explain why she spent more time in the Naughty Corner than any other space in the house.
This is why:
The little ratbag is at is again! She's unstoppable! I swear I am at my witts end. Look at that face up there. Grrr, it makes me mad that she is so darn cute! Yes, that's toothpaste in the corners of her mouth, but it could pass for little fangs, just like a little devil...
Look what she did to my couch! And this is NOT by any means the first time. But it is just getting so ridiculously rebellious I just had to put it in here so I can feel justified when, by the time they are teenagers I find myself living in a mental institution. 

I had just finished cleaning that off when I went to the shops only to find she had removed my bank cards from my wallet so I couldn't buy anything. But then yesterday while at the shops she smashed a jar of Capers on the ground - shattered everywhere, a total mess! Of course, this is not mentioning anything about the time she fell from the TOP of the stairs - not DOWN the stairs, but from the top, to the ground after we had told her repeatedly not to play sliding games on the stairs. But I haven't said a thing about the drawing on the walls, the ripping books, the broken DVD player - and broken camera, nor the scratched DVDs or my missing necklace. Not to mention the broken door handle in the car or the melted pastic 1/2 Cup measuring scoop in my oven. Don't believe me?

Anyway, today you can imagine my horror when I look down and see more pen! MORE!

I've given her warnings, talks, smacks, the naughty corner, you name it. I've spoken sternly, I spoken softly; I've had her clean it, I've made her watch me clean it; I've put her in the Naughty Corner , I've sent her to her room; what more can I do? It was within 48 hours of the other episode!

And so here I am. I am to the point where all I can do is see it, tell her not to do it again, take a photo, and write about it in the hope that 1) It will stop with age, and 2) I can show her these pics when she has a little ratbag just like her. And then we'll see who's laughing.

Hmmm.... That's right Eadie McGreedie, then we'll see who's laughing!!! Ha ha haaaa!!

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go and clean her latest artwork off my couch, and figure out how to get my cup measurer off of my oven rack....


  1. Oh, Eadie! At least her naughty actions make for funny and entertaining posts! She reminds me of Elly... so good luck!!! x

  2. I have to have all the pens in one place on top of the fridge, cause Will loves drawing on walls. We also teach him the manta 'We only draw on paper, we only draw on paper" Goodluck!!!