Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anabel - 6 months

I can't believe that Anabel is six months old already! She is almost One! What happened to my little baby!?

So far she is progressing perfectly and she is such a happy and content little baby. OK, so maybe the term 'little baby' wasn't the right choice, as she is just under 20lbs and in the 98th percentile for height and obviously weight. I am happy to say though, that her head is in perfect proportion to the rest of her body, so we don't have another enlarged "melon head" on our hands ;-)

She has lots of funny little personality traits, the main one being that she is very happy. She throws her easy smiles everywhere and anywhere, and her chubby cheeks just stretch to their limits with every grin. It's the cutest thing ever, no wonder people are constantly saying, "I just want to bite her cheeks!" all day every day! I want to too... (and I do!)

She is still not sleeping through, unfortunately. Bel is not one of those babies you can just let 'cry it out'. She will simply just keep crying. So I have gotten used to topping her up about three times between 7pm- 1am and then she has another feed between 4-5.30am. It's very tiresome but I think she will grow out of it. She has improved dramatically since she has had solid food for every meal, especially a big meal for dinner.

She loves her food, that is for sure! But one thing is certain - and this is quite funny, as I was exactly the same as a little girl - she cannot stand to eat pumpkin! No matter what is mixed with it, she complains and fusses and pushes it away. This is a big contrast to her usual eating habits where I can't serve the food fast enough for her anxious little mouth! One time I was physically exhausted after an entire meal was devoured within five minutes, leaving me worn out from constantly having to have the spoon ready for the next intake! I had never seen anything like it!

All day we get compliments about how gorgeous she is, and her sisters are no exception. They simply adore her. One of her favorite things is to sit no Tori's lap, where she will happily stay for ages until Tori can't take her weight anymore. One day Tori actually picked her up and held her while walking along, and although I was freaking out, Anabel seemed to enjoy the experience! This of course has become something Tori loves to do - under my waiting hands and watchful eyes...

Eadie can't get enough of her little sister. I'm still not sure whether Bel feels as fondly towards her, though.. Eadie's idea of playing with her is poking her face and eyes and grabbing her hands and making annoying noises like a wounded animal..  And then there's the growling...Eadie is into growling at the moment... it scares me half the time, let alone a six month old who is getting it while Eadie's face is literally pressed up against hers. I don't want to 'ban' Eadie from touching the baby, instead I am just hoping Bel will grow up tough enough so that when she's ready to do proper play, she will be able to handle Eadie's 'games'... Time will tell!

Meanwhile, she is still a 100% Mummy's Girl, and some have even said they have never seen a baby so attached to its mother (not by any encouragement on my part, I can assure you!). But at the same time she is easy to please and loves any  kind of distraction to play with; from a plastic cup to a hankie, she makes fun with anything she is given - at least for a minute ;-)

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