Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Pics

Mum and Dad Hunt came over from America for a three week holiday and it was great to catch up with them again. We are really lucky that they are able to regularly, visiting a few times already since they moved there over a year ago. Even though they were very busy we were able to have breakfast with them here at our place which was great to hang out and have them get to know the girls again a little better. The girls just love them and their company, and talk about them when they aren't here, and ask to see them when they are. It's great when they come over so the girls can get their semi-annual 'grandparent' fix! It's also good for me to get my fix as well! I had no idea how much time I actually spent visiting and chatting to my parents when they lived local, until I now only see them for a few hours catch up during their quick visits. But from what I gather, they are enjoying their time with Sarah and the kids in Utah; Dad is loving being a renovator handiman, and mum is loving making their house a home for them and the kids. Meanwhile we are all hoping and praying that Sarah will choose the option to move back over here so we can all be together again!
We were also able to get some family photos taken by our family friend, Ebony Holzworth. She had taken some pics for a friend of mine and even though Ebony is not a professional, she has a great camera and has an eye for what looks good. We spent an hour in the sun shuffling toddlers and telling everyone to say "cheese" (or in my children's case, "strawberries!" which was my chosen food of choice to bribe smiles out of them). Although chasing the kids and trying to get them to stay still was total chaos, it was worth the effort for these great pics:


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