Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A New Chapter

With a mix of emotions I wish to annouce that we are putting our house up for sale. We have been very busy fixing and 'refreshing' (I found out that's the Real Estate 'sale' word for minor renovations), and updating both upstairs and down. So far we have 'refreshed' the lounge-room with a coat of paint - for the first time we hired someone to come and do it and I now know the pleasure of hired-labor... Ahh, bliss. I will never paint another wall again. Unfortunately we can't do much about the iron print I accidentally burnt onto the carpet (don't ask...), but after rearranging furniture, putting up curtains, getting a floor lamp, and adding a beautiful dark green leafy plant which I have not yet killed, it is looking better than ever. It never ceases to amaze me how a room can go from 'drab to fab' as they say, with so little effort.

We are still updating the kitchen but it is looking great so far. Using tile paint I painted the splashback tiles shiny white and it looks 200% better (although I am still finishing it and procrastinating every day - refer to previous paragraph as to why this is so...). 
We also covered the old 70s print floor with these great lino square tile things that are just awesome for a cheap, quick update. We went for a 'wood look' which looks surprisingly good. It was fun working together with Juan late at night putting it down. But it really did re-emphasise that we will NOT be applying for any house renovation TV shows during our lifetime ;-) 

When he has a spare moment Juan has been busy cutting white doors to size to replace the old chipping cabinets in our kitchen. We first got them cut professionally but when that didn't go to plan we took matters into our own hands, and we now have all the doors on and I am so proud of his efforts. We also have a new circular saw, which is a lot of fun! We have a little more to do with them all but so far so good and the kitchen is really looking great compared to the old worn out 70s look we had before. I'll post a pic when it's all done.

Next we move upstairs.. After a coat of paint in the hallway, bathroom and girls' room they are looking great. We had the bathroom vanity replaced and it has made SUCH a difference. It's big and white and has drawers!! Drawers! Ahh... heaven!  I know, I've been missing out.. ;-)
When we had the vanity installed, the splashback tiles and some floor-wall tiles had to be removed. Enter the resident tiler - ME! Even though I do have 'tiling experience' I admit I hadn't done any since the mission - seven years ago (man, time flies!). But it's like riding a bike, so I just got on with the job. It has gone off without a hitch, apart from the spine-tingling, hand-shaking terror of using an electric tile-cutter for the first time. It was an effort to keep my eyes open as I pushed that little tile through the ear-crushing noise of the spinning wheel!  Let's just say, ceramic tiles being sliced with a metal spinning wheel is not the nicest or quietest sound in the world.. and I was not expecting it!  BUT the job got done and, apart from accidentally using 'Gap filler' instead of Sealer to seal the corners (don't judge me!!  I was in a rush and - ugh, forget it, I'm an idiot...) all went according to plan.
I also discovered an awesome idea in Grout Paint. It is so great, it makes your old dark stained grout look like new again! So I've been on my hands and knees painting the bathroom floor and we are SO happy with the result. After adding some white square storage baskets, the bathroom looks almost new, and every time I walk in I am excited with the changes!

So, that is what we have done so far. You know, apart from dump trips, tidying and all that. Between work and uni homework, Juan has not had a lot of time to dedicate to the touch ups but when he has had a moment we have made great progress and it has made a huge difference. This Saturday is our last full day to dedicate to making this place look awesome because the following Friday is PHOTO SHOOT day (only 1 weeks to go)!!  So we will be starting early and finishing late, hosing down the garage and driveway, painting the back door - let's hope this rain stops! - finishing the kitchen, scrubbing walls, polishing the veranda, and basically making the place sparkle.

It is such a nerve-wracking thing to know your house will be advertised in public. I am so nervous about it! I am a terrible housekeeper, so I will really have to step up my game and keep the place looking good all the time in case anyone comes through, not to mention the weekly open houses we will be having.... That's a lot of pressure for a mother as messy as me!!

Even though the house market is pretty slow at the moment, we really do feel that this is the time for us to move. We are desperate for more space,  so we will be moving out and renting somewhere else if it doesn't sell. We've given ourselves a 3-4 month limit, so the new year will bring with it a new house! I am soooo excited to be in a proper sized house - with a dining room and a backyard!! Ahh! The thought of it just thrills me!! (Easy to please, I know!)

But having said this, we have had four years in this house, and they have been wonderful. Two of our babies were born here (almost literally with Anabel...) and this house went from investment property, to our home. Even though it is tiny, and our dining table barely fits in our kitchen and Juan and I barely fit in our bedroom, it is ours, and it has done well for us. We will miss our little first house.

We plan on staying local as we like the ward and the area, but what the future has for us, we do not know. But we do know this... It is time.. time to move on to, literally, BIGGER and better things; a new chapter in our life. How exciting!

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