Sunday, September 4, 2011

Profile of a Princess

Name: Eadith Indiana Montes   
Age: 2 years 3 months old
Favorite Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognaise
Favorite Sweet Food: Chocolate Pudding
Favorite Take-Away: Subway and strawberries
Favorite Movie: Home Alone 2- Lost in New York
Favorite Music: Primary songs in Spanish "popcorn" preferably
Favorite Game in the Car: "Colors" and always wants to find "pink"  
Wake-Up Time: apx. 6-6.30am
Drink: Milk, and fruit juice (although only watered-down at parties...)
Best Friend: (apart from Daddy) Kenzie and Olivia
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Outfit: Her pink "princess dress" with purple shirt underneath and over the top of jeans and wearing her pink gumboots.
Eadie is very good at:
- Sports- catching balls and running
- Making people laugh!
- Eating her dinner and breakfast
- Sharing and taking turns
- Following instructions
Eadie is looking forward to: The next trip to the park!
Eadie loves to:
- Play games with her sister Tori. Whether it is acting out movies, playing in the sand, running, or singing, it is her favorite thing as long as it is with Vettoria.
- Play outdoors. As soon as she gets the chance she is out the door and running up to the first pile of rocks and dirt she can see. Within the minute, her hands are covered in mud and she is throwing dead leaves in the air. She LOVES the feel of anything to do with the earth; flowers, trees, dirt, water, anything that could make her messy!
- Swing on swings
- Splash in water
- Draw
- Do things all by herself
Eadith's Ideal Day Would Be:Waking up and eating a bowl of weetbix, with strawberries. Then watching morning T.V followed by a trip to the park where she would swing on swings and play in the sand for hours on end. She would also like to feed the ducks at the lake. After that she would have McDonald's for lunch, followed by a nap infront of Home Alone 'New York'.  Upon waking she would love to spend time outside playing in puddles and dirt, after which she would love to do some painting and play with playdoh. In her dreams it would start to rain and she would run outside and play in the rain for as long as possible, after which she would have a bath, then eat her dinner, following which she would settle down infront of In the Night Garden and Giggle & Hoot until it was time for bed.
When Eadie grows up she would make an excellent: Nurse. Eadie loves taking care of people. She is always the first to ask, "Are you OK?" or "Did you get hurt?" Perhaps this is because she is often the one doing the hurting ;-) , but honestly she is the most caring little girl in the world. If anyone is coughing or sick she is the first to offer to sympathies and ask if they are OK. She is a wonderful sharer and is often, believe it or not, the Peacemaker. Don't get me wrong, she is often the trouble-causer, but she is also the one who stops fights and arguments in many instances when she forfeits which DVD she wants to watch, or gives more than half of the cookie she is eating, or apologises even when she wasn't the one to start the fight. She never ceases to amaze me how sweet she can be.

Having said this, Eadie is unequivocally, a little Ratbag. She is a troublemaker and as cheeky as they come. But she is also the cutest kid on the face of the planet. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to be as naughty as she is cute, all at the same time. It's hard to stay mad at her for long, even if she has broken your new vase, lost your bank card, drawn on your wall, and squashed your favorite lipstick, all in the same morning. Within the hour you are back to pinching her cheeks and tapping her bottom just to get your hands on her adorable little body.

But despite all of her cheekiness, this will sound crazy, she is is actually a very obedient little girl. I'm struggling to think of examples at this moment, but I know I have thought it again and again. Often, when she is asked to do something, she will do it without question. If she spills something (multiple times a day) and I ask her to pick up, she will - every single last bit of it. As well as this, she is also very independent - to a fault!! No matter what the situaiton, she is desperate to try to do it by herself, and give it at least five minutes worth of her time until she asks for help. Examples of this include putting on her seatbelt, dressing herself, pouring her own water, putting on her own nappy, doing up her shoes, and pretty much every other thing that comes her way!

She is such a funny little girl. She loves to play and roll around with everyone. She especially loves horsey-rides and slippery slides on daddy's legs, and being thrown around as high and as fast as anyone will do it! Having said this, she is quite picky with who she spends her time. Sometimes she gets overwhelmed and doesn't want to say 'hello'. But she usually changes her tune if there is something fun to play with and has attention given to her by only one or two people. She is then fun and happy and more than willing to give anything a go.

Eadie likes to keep things short and simple. Her family and night-time and meal prayers are exactly the same, no matter how hard we try to get her to remember the little add-ons we put in there. Her version is always "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless us all night, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen". Despite its simpleness, it's particularly good if we are ever in a rush out the door or just want them to go to sleep without a fuss. :-)

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